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Kentucky Derby Winner 1893 Lookout

kentucky derby winner 1893 lookout

Discover the fascinating story of Lookout, the champion of the 1893 Kentucky Derby. Learn about the incredible journey that led to this historic win as we delve into Lookout’s breeding legacy and how the renowned Scoggan Brothers played a crucial role in shaping this exceptional racehorse. Experience the excitement of race day at Churchill Downs where Lookout, ridden by skilled jockey Eddie Kunze, raced with unmatched grace and determination to claim victory. Witness firsthand how Lookout made its mark in racing history with an unforgettable performance that continues to inspire admiration in thoroughbred racing circles.

Early Life and Family Background

In 1893, Lookout made history by winning the Kentucky Derby in a remarkable tale filled with excellence and prestigious lineage. Bred by the renowned Scoggan Brothers, this magnificent chestnut colt carried the legacy of generations past. The Scoggans were known for their careful selection process, expertly combining bloodlines like skilled artisans crafting a masterpiece.

With each powerful stride towards victory, Lookout embodied not just speed and endurance but also unwavering dedication ingrained in his core. Years of meticulous nurturing and training under William McDaniel’s guidance shaped every sinew—a master who understood horses as if he could sense their thoughts. When Eddie Kunze guided Lookout to triumph at Churchill Downs that day, it was more than just horse and jockey working together; it was an alliance built on trust and mutual respect.

Lookout’s name shines brightly in racing history as a beacon of achievement when talent meets opportunity with resolute determination. His win echoes through time, reminding us that greatness is not simply inherited; it is forged through hard work, perseverance, and an unbreakable spirit that faces challenges head-on. By honoring Lookout’s legacy, we pay tribute not only to a remarkable horse but to all those whose passion and expertise molded him into an immortal champion.

Race Day Triumph

The 1893 Kentucky Derby saw Lookout achieve a remarkable victory that captivated all who witnessed it. With an impressive time of 2:39.25, Lookout not only secured the championship but also carved its name into the annals of racing history forever. The intense Grade I stakes race on dirt became a stage where legends were born and aspirations turned into reality, embodying the essence of fierce competition and unwavering determination.

The triumph at Churchill Downs wasn’t just about speed; it was a culmination of careful breeding and training spanning generations. Lookout’s lineage can be traced back to the esteemed Scoggan Brothers, known for their skill in producing top-tier bloodlines that displayed both elegance and strength on the racetrack. Their commitment to refining each generation culminated in Lookout – a magnificent horse destined for greatness from birth.

Under Eddie Kunze’s expert guidance, Lookout navigated through the thunderous hooves and cheering crowd towards victory with grace and power. The partnership between horse and jockey went beyond mere physicality; it was a harmonious blend of trust, expertise, and intuition cultivated through extensive practice sessions and mutual understanding. At that fleeting moment when they crossed the finish line first, they didn’t just win a race – they solidified their position among legends within the rich tapestry of racing history.”

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Payout and Rewards

After Lookout’s amazing win at the 1893 Kentucky Derby, the team that came out on top got a whopping $3,840 in prize money as a big pat on the back for their victory. This handsome sum was a sign of how prestigious it was to win such a famous race back then. The second-place finisher pocketed $400, and third place walked away with $150, showing just how tough the competition was in thoroughbred racing.

The Scoggan Brothers were key players in creating Lookout, displaying their top-notch breeding skills and commitment to producing champion racehorses. Their careful selection of bloodlines and deep knowledge of horse genetics played a huge part in Lookout’s success on the track. The tradition of excellence set by the Scoggan Brothers still influences modern breeding methods used in today’s world of thoroughbred racing.

Lookout’s triumph at the 1893 Kentucky Derby not only secured his spot in horse racing history but also showcased his incredible talent and determination as an athlete. His victory proves just how much extraordinary horses can shape this sport over time. With Lookout’s natural abilities combined with expert training from his team, it shows what can be accomplished when skill meets opportunity out there on the racetrack!

Notable Breeder Recognition

The 1893 Kentucky Derby win by Lookout was all thanks to the Scoggan Brothers from Kentucky. They were essential in breeding a champion racehorse like Lookout. Their dedication to producing top-notch horses made a huge difference on race day and helped them gain respect in the racing world.

The Scoggan Brothers stood out as elite breeders in the late 19th century because of their meticulous attention to detail when selecting bloodlines and caring for young foals. They weren’t just good at matching pedigrees; they had a deep understanding of equine genetics that allowed them to consistently produce high-quality thoroughbreds.

Lookout’s victory at Churchill Downs wasn’t just luck—it was the result of years of careful planning, selective breeding, and unwavering commitment by the Scoggan Brothers. This win marked an important moment in horse racing history, showing how strategic breeding practices could lead to great success on the track.

Looking back at Lookout’s historic triumph over a century ago reminds us how exceptional horsemanship and skilled breeding can shape an entire industry’s future. The legacy left behind by the Scoggan Brothers still motivates breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts today to aim for excellence in every aspect of thoroughbred racing.

Race Results and Top Performers Overview

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 2 Lookout Eddie Kunze William McDaniel John E. Cushing & John W. Orth 2:39.25
2nd 6 Plutus Alonzo Clayton Bashford Manor Stable 4
3rd 1 Boundless Robert “Tiny” Williams William McDaniel John E. Cushing & John W. Orth 2
4th 5 Buck McCann Charles A. Thorpe Robert Tucker Scoggan Brothers 4
5th 7 Mirage Isaac Murphy James E. Pepper
6th 8 Linger Eddie Flynn C. E. Railey

Enduring Legacy of Lookout

In 1893, Lookout made a name for itself by winning the 19th Kentucky Derby. The horse’s incredible performance captivated everyone at Churchill Downs and beyond. Lookout’s exceptional talent, paired with jockey Eddie Kunze’s expert handling, ensured that this victory would go down in history as a standout moment in horse racing.

Lookout came from a carefully selected lineage by the Scoggan Brothers, who focused on breeding for both speed and endurance. This meticulous breeding process was crucial in shaping Lookout into a top-notch racehorse capable of triumphing in prestigious races like the Kentucky Derby. Through years of dedication and expertise, Lookout became a symbol of excellence on the track, leaving an enduring impact on future generations.

The partnership between Lookout and its team showcased true collaboration where commitment met skill to achieve outstanding results on race day. The Scoggan Brothers’ dedication to breeding high-quality horses combined seamlessly with Eddie Kunze’s ability to guide Lookout towards victory with finesse and precision. Together, they not only secured their spot in history but also set a benchmark for upcoming generations aiming for greatness in thoroughbred racing.



1. What was the breeding lineage of Lookout, the 1893 Kentucky Derby winner?

The 1893 Kentucky Derby champion, Lookout, came from a prestigious bloodline tracing back to the renowned stallion Leamington and the influential broodmare Glenelg. The Scoggan Brothers meticulously designed his pedigree, setting him up for success on the racetrack.

2. How did the Scoggan Brothers contribute to Lookout’s success on the racetrack?

The Scoggan Brothers carefully chose and bred Lookout’s family line, making sure the champion racehorse had all the special qualities that helped him win big at the 1893 Kentucky Derby.

3. What were some key factors that led to Lookout’s victory at the 1893 Kentucky Derby?

The 1893 Kentucky Derby win by Lookout was the result of top-notch breeding, skillful training from the Scoggan Brothers, and the sheer determination and talent of the horse.

4. How did Lookout’s triumph impact the world of thoroughbred racing in the late 19th century?

The victory of Lookout at the 1893 Kentucky Derby not only secured his spot in racing history but also highlighted the outstanding breeding lineage of the Scoggan Brothers. This left a lasting impression on the world of thoroughbred racing in the late 19th century.

5. Can you elaborate on any notable races or achievements following Lookout’s Kentucky Derby win?

After Lookout won the Kentucky Derby in 1893, he continued his winning streak by claiming victory in the Latonia Derby and the Clark Handicap. These impressive wins established him as a top champion in the horse racing scene.

6. What legacy did Lookout leave behind in terms of breeding and influencing future generations of racehorses?

Lookout’s impact on breeding and shaping future generations of racehorses stems from his remarkable bloodline, which still produces champions and influences the world of thoroughbred racing today.