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Kentucky Derby Winner Shut Out 1942

kentucky derby winner shut out 1942

In 1942, at the Kentucky Derby, Shut Out emerged victorious. This champion Thoroughbred won under jockey Wayne D. Wright and trainer John M. Gaver Sr. Discover the remarkable legacy of Greentree Stable, the breeder responsible for this iconic horse’s triumph. Dive into the historical importance and lasting fame of Shut Out’s unforgettable win at Churchill Downs as you travel back in time to witness this thrilling moment.

Kentucky Derby Winner Shut Out 1942

In 1942, the Kentucky Derby saw an incredible show of talent and determination when Shut Out sprinted to victory at Churchill Downs. This magnificent horse, owned by Greentree Stable and trained by John M. Gaver Sr., displayed pure excellence in that historic race on May 2nd. With skillful guidance from jockey Wayne D. Wright, Shut Out raced across the dirt track with lightning speed, clocking a winning time of 2:04 2/5 – forever etching his name into racing history.

Shut Out’s win not only solidified his spot in Derby lore but also left a lasting impression on all who witnessed his undeniable brilliance that day. The connection between horse and rider was tangible as they charged towards victory, captivating spectators with their electrifying performance. In those thrilling moments at Churchill Downs, Shut Out went beyond mere competition; he embodied grace under pressure while showcasing unmatched speed and endurance—a true testament to equine greatness.

The reverberations of Shut Out’s impressive victory echoed far beyond the racetrack, resonating through time as an enduring symbol of success in horse racing legends. His legacy remains a guiding light for aspiring equestrians worldwide—proof that dreams can indeed come true amidst thundering hooves and cheering crowds at one of America’s most prestigious sporting events. With each stride towards glory, Shut Out wove himself into the vibrant fabric of Derby heroes, forever enshrined among legends whose accomplishments continue to inspire new generations.

Shut Out’s Triumph

In 1942, the Kentucky Derby saw an unforgettable win by Shut Out, a horse bred by Greentree Stable in Kentucky. This exceptional horse wowed spectators by outpacing tough competitors like Alsab and Valdina Orphan to clinch the prestigious Grade I stakes race. Shut Out’s victory was not just any ordinary triumph; it marked a pivotal moment that showcased top-tier skill, determination, and pure excellence on the racetrack.

The impact of Shut Out’s win echoes through time like thundering hooves on a rain-soaked track. His success represents more than just winning a race—it reflects resilience, talent, and an unwavering spirit that continues to resonate with fans and enthusiasts even today. In the midst of World War II’s uncertainty and chaos, Shut Out’s victory served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for many who sought comfort in the beauty and thrill of horse racing.

As cheers filled Churchill Downs while witnessing history being made right before their eyes, Shut Out dashed past the finish line with elegance and strength—a moment etched into memory forever. This remarkable feat not only secured his status among legends but also elevated him to an iconic position within horseracing lore. The story of Shut Out stands as proof that perseverance can overcome all obstacles—a reminder that champions are born from determination, passion, and an unwavering drive to succeed regardless of challenges faced along the way.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Racing legends continue to inspire upcoming athletes and enthusiasts.

  2. They demonstrate the remarkable connection between horse and rider.

  3. These legendary figures infuse the sport of horse racing with thrill and prestige.

  4. Their tales frequently capture themes such as resilience, grit, and victory.


  1. New competitors often feel overwhelmed by the pressure of living up to a legendary status.

  2. Current athletes may find themselves overshadowed by racing legends, affecting their level of recognition and support.

  3. The emphasis on past achievements can distract from efforts to innovate and enhance the sport.

  4. Preserving the legacy of racing legends sometimes results in resistance against change or modernization.

Full Results of the Race

In the 1942 Kentucky Derby, Shut Out clinched victory by outpacing Alsab and Valdina Orphan to claim first place. The race also featured prominent contenders like Devil Diver and First Fiddle, adding to the intense competition that Shut Out triumphed over.

Shut Out’s win was truly impressive, demonstrating his remarkable speed, endurance, and sheer determination on the iconic Churchill Downs track. With jockey Wayne Wright guiding him down the final stretch, spectators were mesmerized by his outstanding performance that secured his place in Derby history.

The impact of Shut Out’s victory in 1942 resonated across the racing world, establishing him as a legendary figure in horse racing circles. Not only did he gain fame for himself through this win but he also showcased the thrilling unpredictability that makes this event so captivating year after year.

Each step towards glory at Churchill Downs on that significant day highlighted not just an incredible victory but also solidified a lasting legacy within Kentucky Derby history. His accomplishment serves as a testament to resilience and excellence under pressure—a shining inspiration for future champions to emulate.

Winning Connections

The 1942 Kentucky Derby win by Shut Out showcased an incredible teamwork between jockey Wayne D. Wright, trainer John M. Gaver Sr., and owner Greentree Stable. Together, they fine-tuned Shut Out for his big race at Churchill Downs, displaying their dedication and expertise in horse racing.

Wayne D. Wright skillfully guided Shut Out through a packed field with finesse and strategic prowess during the race. Trainer John M. Gaver Sr.’s training regimen brought out the best in Shut Out’s abilities, ensuring he was ready to shine on one of horse racing’s biggest stages.

Owned by Greentree Stable, Shut Out not only clinched victory but also made history at the Kentucky Derby with an unforgettable performance. Their steadfast support and belief in Shut Out demonstrated true sportsmanship and left a lasting mark on horse racing lore—a chapter that solidified their place among legends in this prestigious sport.

Top Performers in Prestigious Horse Racing Event

Finished Post Horse Jockey Trainer Owner Time / behind
1st 3 Shut Out Wayne D. Wright John M. Gaver Sr. Greentree Stable 2:04 2/5
2nd 7 Alsab Basil James Sarge Swenke Albert Sabath
3rd 16 Valdina Orphan Carroll Bierman Frank Catrone Valdina Farm
4th 17 With Regards Johnny Longden Ted D. Grimes Mr. & Mrs. Ted D. Grimes
5th 2 First Fiddle Conn McCreary Edward L. Mulrenan Mrs. Edward L. Mulrenan
6th 5 Devil Diver Eddie Arcaro John M. Gaver Sr. Greentree Stable
7th 1 Fair Call Herb Lindberg Arthur Fletcher Mill River Stable (Josephine Douglas)
8th 12 Dogpatch Jack Skelly Roy Waldron Milky Way Farm Stable
9th 6 Hollywood George Woolf Frank Catrone Valdina Farms
10th 4 Sweep Swinger Alfred Shelhamer Alexis G. Wilson Theodore D. Buhl
11th 15 Apache James Stout James E. Fitzsimmons Belair Stud
12th 8 Sir War Johnny Adams William T. Anderson Circle M Ranch (Edward S. Moore)
13th 11 Fairy Manah John Gilbert Richard E. Handlen Foxcatcher Farm
14th 14 Requested Leon Haas J. H. "Blackie" McCoole Florence Whitaker
15th 13 Boot and Spur Arthur Craig William Molter Elmer C. A. Berger

Legacy of Greentree Stable

Greentree Stable was well-known for their dedication to breeding top-notch horses. They proudly bred Shut Out, who made history by winning the 1942 Kentucky Derby. This victory didn’t just happen by chance; it was a result of Greentree Stable’s unwavering commitment to excellence in horse breeding over many years.

Shut Out’s win wasn’t luck—it showcased Greentree Stable’s meticulous attention to detail and hard work paying off on the day of the race at Churchill Downs. By crossing the finish line first, Shut Out secured his place in Derby history forever.

The impact of Shut Out’s triumph spread far and wide within the racing world, solidifying Greentree Stable as a legendary name in horse racing. Their achievement set new standards for excellence and proved that with dedication and passion, dreams can come true even amidst the excitement of race day.

Looking back, Shut Out’s victory shines a light on Greentree Stable’s lasting influence on horse racing—a legacy built on hard work, bloodlines, and an unyielding spirit that continues to inspire breeders and fans alike across generations. Their story goes beyond racetracks or stables; it represents resilience, determination, and most importantly—an unwavering belief in the beauty and power of these incredible animals we call horses.

Historical Significance

In 1942, the Kentucky Derby was a whirlwind of emotions and suspense as Shut Out, ridden by jockey Wayne Wright, charged to victory. This triumph not only secured Shut Out’s place in racing history but also highlighted the resilience and determination of both horse and rider.

Shut Out’s win in 1942 wasn’t just another race; it was a powerful moment during tough times. With World War II raging on, for those brief moments at Churchill Downs, spectators were immersed in a world where bravery and skill ruled supreme.

In the rich history of the Kentucky Derby, Shut Out’s triumph shines brightly—a testament to overcoming obstacles against all odds. The victory didn’t just belong to one team; it belonged to everyone who believed in defying expectations and achieving success despite challenges.

For many fans, trainers, jockeys, and historians alike, Shut Out’s victory is remembered as an unforgettable event that goes beyond sports—it symbolizes hope amidst chaos. Essentially, this win shows how sports can bring people together even when the world feels divided by uncertainty.

Looking back at that significant day in 1942 when Shut Out crossed the finish line first at Churchill Downs amid resounding cheers—we celebrate not only a winner but also an enduring symbol of strength conquering challenges—an iconic story woven into Kentucky Derby lore forevermore.

Unearth the captivating lore of Derby champ Shut Out

  1. In 1942, Shut Out triumphed in the Kentucky Derby by outpacing 14 other horses to seize victory in the esteemed race.

  2. The famous Greentree Stable owned Shut Out and he was trained by the legendary John Gaver Sr., who led him to success in numerous races throughout his career.

  3. Equipoise, a Hall of Fame racehorse known for speed and adaptability on the track, was Shut Out's sire, passing down exceptional genes to his offspring.

  4. Despite a slow start, Shut Out showed determination and skill as he maneuvered through traffic to clinch an impressive win at the Kentucky Derby.

  5. Following his triumph at Churchill Downs, Shut Out enjoyed a stellar racing career that earned him praise from fans and experts alike for his outstanding performances on the track.

Impact on Racing Community

Shut Out made a big splash when he won the 1942 Kentucky Derby, sending waves of excitement through fans and experts in the racing world. The determination shown by both horse and jockey left a lasting impression on everyone who watched the thrilling race. This victory wasn’t just any ordinary win—it showcased hard work, dedication, and a deep love for the sport that went beyond just competing.

The impact of Shut Out’s triumph spread far beyond Churchill Downs, reaching racetracks all over the country. It became a source of inspiration for up-and-coming trainers, jockeys, and owners looking to make their mark in the competitive realm of horse racing. The incredible perseverance displayed during that unforgettable race motivated many in the community to aim higher and realize their full potential.

As news about Shut Out’s remarkable achievement quickly circulated among stables and stands alike, it sparked discussions about what truly defines a champion in this thrilling sport. His win was more than just a number—it stood as proof that unwavering determination can overcome any obstacle. His victory continued to motivate future generations within the racing world to challenge themselves, set new records, and leave their mark on history with bold moves.

In essence, Shut Out’s triumph not only symbolized excellence but also highlighted unity within an industry known for fierce competition. It cemented his legacy not only in Kentucky Derby history but also as an enduring figure representing resilience against adversity—a reminder that winning races requires more than speed; it takes heart, grit, and unshakeable self-belief when faced with tough challenges on every stride towards glory

Enduring Fame

Shut Out made history by winning the 1942 Kentucky Derby, becoming a legendary figure in horse racing. With jockey Wayne D. Wright and trainer John M. Gaver Sr. leading the way, Shut Out showed exceptional skill and determination at Churchill Downs, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

His victory not only established his own legacy but also added to the rich history of the Kentucky Derby. In 1942, Shut Out stood out among tough competition, captivating fans with his remarkable performance.

Even after many years have passed since his win, Shut Out’s name remains influential in racing circles and beyond as a symbol of inspiration for both seasoned fans and newcomers alike. His enduring fame reflects his extraordinary achievement that day at Churchill Downs—an unforgettable moment frozen in time yet full of energy whenever discussed or honored by those who admire this iconic event.

The reverberations of Shut Out’s triumph continue through generations, reminding us all of the magic that unfolds each year at the Kentucky Derby. His story is proof that greatness has no limits when paired with dedication and talent—a timeless lesson exemplified by one memorable victory under Twin Spires that still captivates minds even decades later.

Timeless Achievement

The 1942 Kentucky Derby victory by Shut Out is celebrated as a shining example of excellence in Thoroughbred horse racing. This win symbolizes the pinnacle of skill and teamwork, showing how dedication can lead to greatness and inspiring many with its brilliance on the racetrack.

Shut Out, born from legendary bloodlines, had an impressive pedigree steeped in racing history. Bred by renowned owner Harry Payne Whitney and trained by John Gaver Sr., this powerful colt not only displayed exceptional talent but also came from a lineage full of promise and potential.

On that memorable day at Churchill Downs in May 1942, Shut Out didn’t just secure a victory; he made his mark on history. His flawless performance was more than just winning a race—it was a bold statement declaring his place among the elite in horse racing.

The impact of Shut Out’s triumph still resonates today with fans who appreciate every step taken towards glory. In the fast-paced world where split-second decisions can make all the difference, his accomplishment serves as both motivation and aspiration for those aiming high within the realm of horse racing.

While decades have passed since Shut Out’s historic win, its significance remains timeless—a reminder that true greatness transcends generations and leaves an enduring impression on hearts captivated by the enchantment of equine athleticism.

Commemoration & Recognition

Honoring Shut Out’s impressive victory at the esteemed 1942 Kentucky Derby reminds us of a horse that embodied determination and skill in the world of racing. This exceptional steed not only triumphed at Churchill Downs but also left an indelible mark in history as a symbol of excellence and grace under pressure.

Shut Out’s win inspires aspiring jockeys, trainers, and owners alike, showcasing the relentless pursuit of greatness within horse racing. His legacy continues to motivate generations to strive for perfection on tracks worldwide. The tale behind his triumphant race captivates hearts and minds, embodying courage in adversity and unwavering tenacity against all odds.

Each year at Churchill Downs, fans gather with reverence in their hearts to honor Shut Out’s memory alongside other legendary champions who have graced this iconic racecourse over time. His presence during Derby Day festivities serves as a reminder that true greatness transcends fleeting moments—it endures through shared remembrance and enduring respect for those who paved the way for future stars.

Reflecting on Shut Out’s historic achievement more than seven decades ago serves as a poignant reminder that his legacy goes beyond one single race; it represents an unyielding spirit that influences our perception of what it means to be a champion both on and off the track. By commemorating his victory, we celebrate not just a moment frozen in time but offer a timeless tribute to perseverance, sportsmanship, unwavering dedication—a legacy that will forever gallop alongside America’s prestigious horseracing history.


1. How did Shut Out's victory at the 1942 Kentucky Derby impact his legacy in horse racing history?

Shut Out made history by winning the 1942 Kentucky Derby, proving himself as a legendary champion in horse racing. His remarkable talent and determination on the track will be remembered for years to come.

2. What were the key factors that contributed to Shut Out's remarkable win at the Kentucky Derby in 1942?

Shut Out won the 1942 Kentucky Derby due to his top-notch pedigree, strategic racing skills, and the expert guidance of his famous jockey, Wayne D. Wright.

3. How did Shut Out's triumph in 1942 influence future strategies and tactics employed by jockeys and trainers in subsequent races?

Shut Out's win in the 1942 Kentucky Derby changed how jockeys and trainers approached races. It highlighted the significance of timing and positioning, motivating them to prioritize smart race planning and execution for future competitions.

4. What distinguished Shut Out from other competitors during the 1942 Kentucky Derby, leading to his memorable victory?

Shut Out stood out from his competitors at the 1942 Kentucky Derby with his remarkable endurance, strategic thinking, and relentless determination. This led to a memorable win that secured his spot in racing history.

5. In what ways did Shut Out's win at the Kentucky Derby in 1942 shape the narrative of underdog victories in horse racing lore?

Shut Out's amazing win at the 1942 Kentucky Derby secured his spot in horse racing history as a symbol of unexpected success, demonstrating the enduring spirit and potential for surprising victories in the prestigious race's long legacy.

6. How has Shut Out's triumph at the 1942 Kentucky Derby continued to inspire and resonate with fans and enthusiasts of horse racing over the years?

The 1942 Kentucky Derby victory of Shut Out still captivates fans and horse racing enthusiasts, as it tells a compelling underdog tale. This remarkable win highlights the enduring spirit of determination and excellence that characterizes the sport, inspiring all who follow it.