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Bubbling Over Before and Beyond the Kentucky Derby

bubbling over kentucky derby winner 1926

Key Takeaways

  • Bubbling Over came from a prestigious line of racehorses, which included Sunstar and Sweep, that paved the way for his impressive racing career.
  • He won the 1926 Kentucky Derby by five lengths, securing his spot in racing history with this iconic victory and showcasing his talent.
  • As a prolific sire and broodmare sire, Bubbling Over left a lasting impact through offspring like Burgoo King and Hildene, shaping future generations of racehorses.

Early Life and Family Background

Bubbling Over was born in 1923 at Idle Hour Stock Farm, boasting a prestigious lineage deeply entrenched in the history of American Thoroughbred racing. His sire, North Star, and dam, Beaming Beauty, passed down not just their physical strength but also their unbeatable determination on the racetrack to this magnificent chestnut colt. He carried the bloodline of Sunstar and Sweep within him, laying the foundation for a remarkable journey filled with powerful strides.

When he arrived at Edward R. Bradley’s stable, it marked the start of an extraordinary career that would capture the hearts of racing fans for years to come. Even from a young age, Bubbling Over displayed natural talent for speed and endurance which were further developed through meticulous training under Bradley’s guidance. As he raced across Kentucky fields preparing for his debut race, excitement grew among those who witnessed his graceful yet forceful movements.

As each day brought him closer to his first race as a two-year-old colt, anticipation mounted among spectators eager to witness this rising star in action on the turf. When Bubbling Over finally made his grand appearance at Churchill Downs during the 1926 Kentucky Derby – he didn’t just win; he dominated with such authority that even seasoned bettors were left stunned and new fans captivated by his performance. His victory wasn’t just an achievement; it was a statement—a demonstration of pedigree meeting destiny head-on amidst cheers resonating through horse racing history books.

Racing Career

Bubbling Over was a remarkable racehorse whose talent and determination shone brightly throughout his racing career. Boasting an impressive record of 10 wins in just 13 starts, he consistently proved himself as a dominant force on the racetrack. The peak of his success came in the 1926 Kentucky Derby, where he astounded spectators by finishing a striking five lengths ahead of his closest rival.

Beyond showcasing his speed and endurance, Bubbling Over displayed unwavering consistency in all his races. With two second-place finishes and one third-place finish complementing his victorious streak, he revealed versatility and resilience as a top-tier competitor. Each race unfolded like an exciting chapter in an unforgettable story, with Bubbling Over emerging as the beloved hero who captured the hearts of racing fans worldwide.

The legacy left behind by Bubbling Over’s illustrious racing career continues to inspire horse enthusiasts and industry professionals across generations. His triumphs at prestigious events such as the Kentucky Derby stand as enduring proof of his exceptional skill and competitive spirit. As fans look back on his incredible journey from humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated champion, they are reminded that true greatness transcends boundaries – leaving an everlasting mark on history’s rich tapestry for all time to come.

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Retirement and Legacy

After his racing career ended due to lameness, Bubbling Over smoothly transitioned into a successful role as a top breeding stallion. His foals included the talented Burgoo King, who continued his father’s winning tradition with style and speed, captivating fans in the horse racing world.

Bubbling Over didn’t just produce champions like Baby League (the proud mother of Striking) and Hildene (whose lineage led to the famous Hill Prince), but he also made a lasting mark on history through generations of exceptional horses that followed in his footsteps.

His influence extended further as a sire of broodmares, shaping future champions. One standout was Biologist, whose success on the track mirrored the enduring legacy passed down by their esteemed ancestor.

The bloodline established by Bubbling Over ran strong and true through each descendant it touched. Every young horse carried echoes of their forefather’s spirit – bold yet graceful, determined yet elegant – embodying all that made Bubbling Over an iconic figure among Thoroughbreds.

As time progressed and new stars emerged on racetracks across America, you could still feel Bubbling Over’s impact in every thunderous hoofbeat. His legacy lived on not only in records or trophies but within the very essence of what it meant to be part of horse racing history – a testament to his greatness that would endure for eternity.


Bubbling Over comes from a family line filled with famous names in the horse racing world, including Sunstar, Sweep, Ben Brush, Domino, and Galopin. These impressive ancestors paved the way for his exceptional racing skills and led him to success.

Thanks to his prestigious lineage, Bubbling Over inherited the bloodlines of champions. Every step he took on the racetrack carried echoes of those legendary horses who came before him. This rich heritage fueled his competitive drive and pushed him towards victory after victory.

As Bubbling Over raced down the track, it was evident that he possessed not only natural talent but also a strong connection to generations of outstanding horses. The speed of Sunstar, gracefulness of Sweep, strength of Ben Brush, resilience of Domino,and enduranceofGalopin resonated in every stride he made toward triumph.

In each race he won during his remarkable career,BubblingOver seemedto be honoringhis nobleancestors by highlighting their combined excellence distilled into one magnificent Thoroughbred.His pedigree wasn’t just a list on paper; it reflectedthe enduring legacyof greatness passed down through generations in horse racing’s world.

Champion Stallion: Racing Legacy and Victories

Attribute Information
Name Bubbling Over
Sire North Star
Grandsire Sunstar
Dam Beaming Beauty
Damsire Sweep
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1923
Country United States
Color Chestnut
Breeder Idle Hour Stock Farm
Owner Edward R. Bradley
Trainer Herbert J. Thompson
Record 13: 10-2-1
Earnings $78,552
Major wins
Champagne Stakes (1925)
Nursery Handicap (1925)
Blue Grass Stakes (1926)
American Classic Race wins: Kentucky Derby (1926)

Major Wins

Bubbling Over, the legendary racehorse that triumphed at the Kentucky Derby in 1926, also clinched victories in notable races such as the Champagne Stakes (1925), Nursery Handicap (1925), and Blue Grass Stakes (1926). These wins not only added to his fame but solidified his standing as a top-notch competitor. Bubbling Over’s successes were not just about winning races; they showcased his determination and natural talent on the racetrack. Each victory was like a stroke of brilliance on an artist’s canvas, creating a lasting image of greatness.

His win at the Champagne Stakes in 1925 was more than just another race; it made a statement. It highlighted Bubbling Over’s ability to handle pressure and competition with ease. As he surged ahead down the final stretch, leaving rivals trailing behind in clouds of dust, spectators were captivated by his speed and unwavering focus. Moments like these engraved Bubbling Over’s name into racing history—a name synonymous with excellence.

The Blue Grass Stakes victory in 1926 wasn’t merely about adding another trophy to his collection; it was about making an unforgettable mark on history. With every powerful stride towards victory that day, Bubbling Over reminded everyone why he stood out as one of the greatest Thoroughbreds of his era. The cheers from passionate fans reverberated through the arena as he crossed the finish line, cementing his position as a true champion among champions—a horse whose legacy would endure for years to come.

Breeding Successes

Bubbling Over left an incredible legacy as a stallion. His offspring inherited his fiery spirit and competitive nature, dominating racetracks all over the country. Whether it was fast sprints or challenging long-distance races, Bubbling Over’s descendants showed off their father’s amazing talent and determination. Each powerful hoofbeat echoed greatness, showing that Bubbling Over passed on more than just physical traits – he also instilled a winning attitude in his children.

One of Bubbling Over’s biggest accomplishments was siring a winner at the Kentucky Derby himself. Bold Venture, born from Bubbling Over’s bloodline, won at Churchill Downs in 1936, following in his father’s footsteps from over two decades earlier. The torch had been handed down to another generation, highlighting Bubbling Over’s lasting impact on American horse racing history. Through Bold Venture and other successful offspring, Bubbling Over proved to be not only an excellent racehorse but also a strong sire who consistently produced winners.

As time went by and pedigrees intertwined further down the line, Bubbling Over became a key figure in modern Thoroughbred bloodlines. His genetic influence spread through numerous champions who wowed audiences with their speed and endurance on tracks around the world. The aftermath of his outstanding breeding achievements can still be seen today – reminding fans that every thunderous gallop carries echoes of past triumphs created by this legendary stallion whose name will always hold its place among equestrian excellence.

Mythic Tales Surrounding Bubbling Over's Derby Triumph

  1. ### Fascinating Stories of Bubbling Over's Victory at the Derby

  2. **The Unstoppable Underdog**: Back in 1926, Bubbling Over was an unexpected underdog going into the Kentucky Derby, facing tough odds of 12-1 against him. Against all expectations, he defied the odds and pulled off a remarkable victory that secured his place in horse racing history.

  3. **The Mysterious Injury**: Legend has it that just days before the big race at the Kentucky Derby, Bubbling Over suffered a mysterious injury. Despite this setback, he made a miraculous recovery right on time for the event and went on to clinch triumph, sparking rumors of divine intervention.

  4. **The Lucky Number Seven**: During the 1926 Kentucky Derby, Bubbling Over's jockey Albert Johnson sported lucky number seven silks. Many believed that this fortunate number played a pivotal role in propelling the horse to an unexpected win – adding an intriguing touch of mystique to his victorious performance.

  5. **The Whispered Prophecy**: Among avid racing fans circulated whispers about how a local fortune teller had predicted Bubbling Over's success at the Kentucky Derby beforehand. The story goes that this seer prophesized victory for an underdog dark horse – fueling beliefs that destiny favored Bubbling Over on race day.

  6. **The Lasting Impact**: The tale of Bubbling Over’s historic win at the Kentucky Derby has morphed into legendary lore over time; inspiring both future generations of horses and devoted fans alike with its captivating narrative charm – always serving as a poignant reminder about horseracing’s thrilling unpredictability and enduring magic.

Burial at Darby Dan Farm

After passing away in 1938, Bubbling Over was laid to rest at Darby Dan Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. The farm offered a peaceful and beautiful setting for the final resting place of this famous American Thoroughbred.

Located in the scenic Bluegrass country with its rolling hills, Darby Dan Farm provided a serene environment for Bubbling Over’s eternal rest. Surrounded by green pastures and tall oak trees, it was a perfect spot for such an esteemed horse.

While many champions had called Darby Dan Farm home over the years, Bubbling Over held a special place in its history. His legacy as one of the great sires of his time was secured through his offspring’s contributions to the sport.

Visitors who come to pay their respects at Bubbling Over’s gravesite are not only reminded of his impressive racing career but also of how he influenced future generations of racehorses. His spirit lives on through his descendants who continue to shine on racetracks worldwide.

Even after death, Bubbling Over remains a respected figure in horse racing history. His burial at Darby Dan Farm serves as a touching reminder of his lasting impact and enduring influence on the sport he cherished deeply.

Lasting Impact on Horse Racing

Bubbling Over left a lasting mark on the horse racing world, both as a successful racehorse and as a sire of champion horses. His name is still associated with excellence on the track, demonstrating how exceptional horses can shape the sport over time.

Born in 1923, Bubbling Over rose to fame by winning the Kentucky Derby in 1926. This spirited chestnut colt won many hearts with his determination and natural talent, showcasing impressive speed and endurance on the racetrack. His victory at Churchill Downs cemented his reputation as one of the greatest champions in horse racing history.

As a stallion, Bubbling Over continued to make an impact by producing offspring known for their speed, stamina, and competitive spirit. His descendants carried on his legacy by excelling in races worldwide, leaving behind a strong influence for generations to come.

Today, Bubbling Over is remembered not only for his own achievements but also for shaping future champions through his bloodline. You can find traces of his lineage in pedigrees of top-performing horses globally – proof of his enduring impact on horse racing history. In every thundering hoofbeat or gallant charge towards victory down the home stretch, Bubbling Over’s legacy lives on as a symbol of excellence that surpasses time itself.


1. What were some of Bubbling Over's most notable racing achievements beyond the Kentucky Derby victory?

Bubbling Over didn't just win the Kentucky Derby – he also claimed victory in the Latonia Derby, the Clark Handicap, and the Merchants and Citizens Handicap. These wins showed that he was a talented racehorse who could excel in different types of races.

2. How did Bubbling Over's success on the track translate into a successful breeding career?

Bubbling Over's triumphs on the racetrack, such as winning the famous Kentucky Derby, established him as a top-notch racehorse. This led to a successful breeding career where he passed down his incredible speed, endurance, and competitive drive to many champion horses that followed.

3. Can you elaborate on the impact Bubbling Over had as a sire and broodmare sire in the world of horse racing?

The famous American racehorse Bubbling Over made a lasting impact on horse racing as he passed down his exceptional genes, producing offspring that carried on his legacy of speed, stamina, and excellence on the track.

4. What distinguished Bubbling Over from other Thoroughbreds of his time, both in terms of pedigree and performance?

Bubbling Over was a standout among his fellow racehorses, boasting an impressive lineage that could be traced back to the famous Man o' War. His racing career was nothing short of remarkable, especially when he clinched a memorable victory in the 1926 Kentucky Derby.

5. How has Bubbling Over's legacy continued to influence modern-day horse racing and breeding practices?

The impact of Bubbling Over still influences today's horse racing and breeding methods because of his outstanding bloodline. This lineage has created many victorious racehorses and influential sires, making a lasting impression on the sport for future generations to benefit from.

6. In what ways did Bubbling Over leave an indelible mark on the history of American Thoroughbred racing?

Bubbling Over made a lasting impact on American Thoroughbred racing by winning the Kentucky Derby, excelling in breeding, and influencing future generations as a sire and broodmare sire. His legacy stands strong as an iconic figure in horse racing history.