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Chick Lang Jockey: One Kentucky Derby Win

kentucky derby winner reigh count 1928

Join us on an exciting adventure through the amazing career of Chick Lang, the legendary jockey who stole hearts and made history with his incredible win at the Kentucky Derby in 1928. From starting out in Canada to dominating racetracks all over the United States, Lang’s journey showcases skill, determination, and a deep love for horse racing. Discover his victories – like becoming the top rider in 1921 and winning prestigious races such as the King’s Plate – as we honor this iconic figure’s lasting impact on horse racing.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Chick Lang, who was originally named Charles John Lang, was born in July 1905 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He became a famous jockey in the United States after impressing racing stable owner James Arthur. Lang made his debut at the Havre de Grace Racetrack in Maryland in April 1921 and quickly gained recognition by winning an impressive total of 192 races that year.

Lang’s rapid rise to becoming the top jockey was truly remarkable. Every time he raced, fans and fellow riders were amazed by his natural talent and unwavering determination on horseback. It seemed like he had a special connection with every horse he rode – a rare ability that set him apart from others.

In the year 1928, Chick Lang reached a pivotal moment in his career when he secured one of his most significant victories by winning the prestigious Kentucky Derby ridingReigh Count. The crowd cheered as they watched Lang skillfully guide Reigh Count to victory down the final stretch of the race. This unforgettable achievement cemented Chick Lang’s status as a legendary jockey.

Despite facing tough competition and enduring challenging races throughout his successful career, Chick Lang remained dedicated to his craft until retiring from professional riding at age fifty-five. His love for horse racing never faded; it ran through him like adrenaline during an intense race at Churchill Downs. Chick wasn’t just any other jockey; he was an exceptional artist painting strokes of triumph across racetracks all over the country.

Dominance in Racing

Chick Lang showed his incredible skill as a jockey when he won the Kentucky Derby in 1928 riding Reigh Count. This victory proved that he was one of the best riders, making his name known in racing history. Not only did Lang demonstrate his exceptional riding abilities, but he also revealed his deep connection with horses, forming a strong bond between man and animal that led them to success.

Lang’s success went beyond just one race; it reflected years of hard work and dedication on the track. His moves during races were like those of a master chess player navigating through challenges with precision. He could anticipate what his competitors would do and adjust accordingly, leading him to multiple victories against tough opponents.

Chick Lang’s impact on horse racing goes beyond numbers or achievements; it represents perseverance, passion, and respect for the sport. His legacy continues to inspire new jockeys and fans alike by showing that true greatness comes from determination and heart rather than just winning races. Through Chick Lang’s example, we learn that champions are not born – they ride towards their goals with bravery and determination until they reach victory’s circle.

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Canadian Classic Race Victory

In 1925, Chick Lang showed off his incredible talent and adaptability when he rode Fairbank to a big win at the prestigious King’s Plate. This victory was a major milestone in his impressive career, proving that he was one of the top jockeys around. Lang didn’t just win races; he dominated them on both Canadian and American tracks with style.

Lang’s triumph at the King’s Plate wasn’t just another race—it was a showcase of expert riding skills and smart decision-making that left everyone watching amazed. His ability to handle tough courses with grace set him apart from other jockeys, earning him respect and admiration in the racing world. This victory highlighted Lang’s unwavering commitment to horse racing and his deep love for the sport—a winning combination that helped him achieve greatness time after time.

The story of Chick Lang’s epic ride on Fairbank at the King’s Plate still resonates today, leaving a lasting impact on horse racing history. It serves as a powerful example of Lang’s exceptional talent, proving that he wasn’t just any jockey but an iconic figure whose name will be remembered in equestrian circles for years to come.

Triumph at the Kentucky Derby

Chick Lang’s incredible win riding Reigh Count in the 1928 Kentucky Derby is a shining example of his impressive career. With Fannie Hertz as the proud owner of Reigh Count, Lang expertly guided this exceptional horse to victory on one of America’s most prestigious racing stages.

The Kentucky Derby, known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” witnessed Chick Lang display his unmatched talent while riding Reigh Count. The pair captivated spectators and left their competitors far behind with each thundering hoofbeat bringing them closer to success.

Lang’s skilled horsemanship was a sight to see, maneuvering Reigh Count through the crowded field with precision and grace. As they crossed the finish line first, cheers erupted from the stands, marking not just a triumph for horse and jockey but also an unforgettable moment recorded in racing history.

In that pivotal race at Churchill Downs, Chick Lang showcased himself not just as another jockey but as a powerful force destined for greatness. His strategic skill combined with unwavering determination displayed sheer dominance that would be remembered for years to come.

As they celebrated their victory at Churchill Downs, Lang and Reigh Count cemented their status among legends – leaving an enduring impact on the revered grounds where dreams are achieved and champions are immortalized.

Legendary Jockey: Chick Lang’s Racing Achievements

Attribute Information
Name Chick Lang
Occupation Jockey/ Trainer/Owner
Born July 1905 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Died June 14, 1947 (aged 41) Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Career wins 601
Major racing wins New Year’s Handicap (1921)
Amityville Handicap (1922)
Century Handicap (1922)
Gazelle Stakes (1922)
Rosedale Stakes (1922)
Dwyer Stakes (1923)
Jockey Club Gold Cup (1923, 1928)
Potomac Handicap (1923)
Adirondack Stakes (1924)
Burwood Purse (1924)
Bowie Handicap (1925)
Mardi Gras Handicap (1926)
Belmont Futurity Stakes (1927)
Glen Oaks Handicap (1927)
Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes (1927)
Walden Handicap (1927)
Maryland Handicap (1927)
Walden Stakes (1927)
Havre de Grace Cup Handicap (1928)
Huron Handicap (1928)
Miller Stakes (1928)
Lawrence Realization Stakes (1928)
Saratoga Cup (1928)
Canadian Classic Race wins: King’s Plate (1925)
American Classic Race wins: Kentucky Derby (1928)
Racing awards United States Champion Jockey by wins (1921)
Honours Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame (1990)
Significant horses Anita Peabody, Fairbank, Reigh Count

Transition to Training

Chick Lang made a smooth transition to training, starting a new chapter in his already remarkable career. He had stopped riding in 1929 due to weight concerns but quickly shifted gears into becoming a trainer. His exceptional skills on the racetrack caught everyone’s attention, and soon enough, Lang was known for his success as a conditioner.

Training wasn’t just a job for Chick Lang; it was where his passion truly shined through. He dedicated himself wholeheartedly to developing the abilities of racehorses under his care, instilling in them the same grit that had defined his own days of racing. This dedication paid off handsomely with Lang’s trained horses consistently delivering outstanding performances on tracks across the country.

Delaware Park Racetrack held a special place in Chick Lang’s heart – almost like a second home where he showcased his talents season after season as a trainer. The vibrant grounds reverberated with stories of victories orchestrated by this skilled horseman who knew how to bring out the best in every steed under his guidance.

Lang’s time as a trainer wasn’t solely about winning or losing races; it revolved around nurturing talent and building strong connections between humans and animals that surpassed mere competition. His method combined patience, expertise, and an intuitive understanding of equine behavior—a winning combination that distinguished him from others in the field.

As enthusiasts look back at Chick Lang’s impressive career, they recall not only his triumph at the Kentucky Derby but also appreciate how he impacted horse racing through transitioning into training roles. With each hoofbeat echoing through history’s halls, Lang remains an icon whose legacy continues to motivate jockeys and trainers across generations alike.

Family Legacy

Chick Lang’s impact went far beyond his own successes as he passed down his love for horse racing to his son, Chick Lang Jr., who later became a notable figure in the industry. For twenty-seven years, Chick Lang Jr. served as the general manager of Pimlico and Laurel Park racetracks, carrying on his father’s commitment to the sport.

Guided by Chick Lang Sr., Maryland-bred thoroughbreds thrived at major racing events nationwide. His sharp eye for talent and strategic race planning led to numerous victories throughout his impressive career. Notably, in 1928, Lang rode “Reigh Count” to an unforgettable win at the Kentucky Derby, cementing his reputation among the greatest jockeys of all time.

The thrilling atmosphere of Churchill Downs on that historic day in 1928 still resonates today when Reigh Count raced down the homestretch under Chick Lang’s expert guidance to claim victory by three lengths! The crowd erupted with excitement as history was made—a moment forever etched in Derby history thanks to this dynamic pair.

Chick Lang Sr.’s enduring influence on horse racing lives on through generations, inspiring not just fans but also shaping future leaders like Chick Lang Jr., who continued their family’s passion for horseracing until it evolved into a lasting legacy felt every time hooves thunder across racetracks today.

Fascinating Lore Surrounding Chick Lang’s Derby Triumph

  1. ### Intriguing Tales About Chick Lang’s Victory at the Derby
  2. **Lucky Number Seven:** Picture this: back in 1966, a young jockey named Chick Lang rode “Kauai King” to victory at the Kentucky Derby. What makes it even cooler? He was the seventh C.L.-initialled jockey to win the prestigious race. Talk about adding some mystery and excitement to his triumph!
  3. **Underdog Tale:** So get this – when Lang won with Kauai King, they were considered total underdogs! The horse wasn’t a top pick for victory, which made their unexpected win all the more thrilling and unforgettable.
  4. **Jockey’s Bond:** As legend has it, Lang shared an incredible connection with Kauai King; he could almost read its mind during races! This special bond between jockey and horse is said to have played a huge part in their remarkable Derby success.
  5. **Good Luck Charm:** Before every big race, Lang always carried a small lucky charm from his grandma as a good luck token. Many believed that this precious keepsake brought him fortune and paved the way for his magical wins – like at that famous Kentucky Derby!
  6. **Enduring Legacy:** With his iconic Kentucky Derby victory, Chick Lang carved out an unshakeable place in racing lore while winning over fans worldwide. His reputation as a talented and charismatic jockey lives on today through stories of that unforgettable moment on racing’s grand stage.

Hall of Fame Recognition

Chick Lang became a legend in horse racing when he was inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame back in 1990. This honor confirmed his status as one of the greats in the sport. He made a lasting impression on American and Canadian race tracks, showing off his amazing skills and deep love for horse racing.

Lang had an incredible career that lasted for many years, during which he won numerous races that captured audiences all over the world. His smart tactics during each race set him apart from other jockeys, making him known as one of the best riders of his time.

One of Lang’s biggest accomplishments was winning the Kentucky Derby in 1928. This victory not only secured his place in horse racing history but also displayed his exceptional talent and strong determination to succeed no matter what obstacles were thrown at him.

Lang’s legacy lives on today, inspiring young jockeys and fans of horse racing worldwide. Being part of Canada’s esteemed Horse Racing Hall of Fame shows just how much impact he had on a sport that meant everything to him.

Enduring Influence

Chick Lang was a legendary figure in the world of horse racing, known for his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. Despite facing health challenges later in life, Lang’s impact on the sport continued to inspire generations, thanks to his impressive achievements at prestigious events like the Kentucky Derby. His name was synonymous with excellence and fair play, motivating many young jockeys and captivating audiences around the globe.

Lang’s historic win at the 1928 Kentucky Derby solidified his place as a legend in horse racing history. The thrilling race not only highlighted Lang’s outstanding riding skills but also showcased his ability to form a deep connection with horses, leading them to victory against all odds through an extraordinary partnership. This unforgettable moment left spectators amazed and firmly established Lang among the greatest jockeys of his era, making him a lasting favorite among fans.

Beyond his successes on the racetrack, Chick Lang was admired for his charismatic personality and unwavering passion for equine sports. His love for horses went beyond mere competition; it was a profound bond that drove both triumphs and setbacks throughout his illustrious career. Fans worldwide were captivated by Lang’s unique approach to racing, earning him respect not just as a skilled athlete but also as a beloved icon embodying courage, resilience, and true determination in every step he took towards greatness.

Lasting Tribute

Chick Lang made a lasting impact on horse racing history when he won the Kentucky Derby in 1928. This victory is still talked about today, showing how impressive it was. His win at this iconic race established him as one of the top jockeys of his time and highlighted his incredible talent and determination on the track.

But Lang’s legacy goes beyond just one big win; throughout his career, he showed consistency, resilience, and a deep love for the sport. When you think of him, you picture someone who stayed calm under pressure, had a smart strategy for taking tight turns during races, and formed strong bonds with every horse he rode to victory.

With each race he ran down the homestretch, Chick Lang not only won competitions but also won over fans’ hearts. People all around the world were drawn to his charm both on and off the track because he had a special way of connecting with them. He holds a revered spot in their memories because of this connection. Looking back at Chick Lang’s amazing career now years later reminds us that true greatness lasts forever.

He represents what makes horse racing so exciting—a mix of athleticism and artistry that captures our imaginations. In this world where dreams soar alongside powerful hooves thundering by, legends like Lang leave their mark for eternity through every race they run and trophy they proudly lift high into the air.

Historical Significance

In 1928, Chick Lang won the Kentucky Derby, marking his greatest success in horse racing history. Riding Reigh Count that day was a thrilling experience as they charged down the homestretch with incredible determination, captivating everyone watching. Lang expertly guided Reigh Count to victory with skill and focus, making them legendary figures in horse racing.

Lang was known for his smart strategies on the track—like a talented chess player planning every move carefully. He understood horses well and built strong connections with them to bring out their best performances when it counted most. This special bond between jockey and horse was evident in every race Lang competed in, earning him respect from peers and fans alike.

Besides being an exceptional jockey, Chick Lang had a charming personality that made him popular at racetracks all over North America. People loved hearing him share funny stories and jokes before races, showing not only how friendly he was but also how good he was at easing tensions during intense moments.

Looking back on Chick Lang’s career today reminds us of not just his amazing skills as a jockey but also of the lasting influence he had on generations of riders who came after him. His legacy inspires young talents dreaming of succeeding in this noble sport by showing them that hard work, dedication, and passion for horse racing can lead to greatness.


1. What year did Chick Lang win the Kentucky Derby?

In 1928, Chick Lang clinched victory at the prestigious Kentucky Derby, solidifying his place in horse racing history with a standout performance that continues to resonate.

2. How did Chick Lang’s victory in the Kentucky Derby impact his career as a jockey?

Chick Lang’s big win at the 1928 Kentucky Derby made him a legendary jockey and boosted his fame and success in horse racing to new levels.

3. Can you share some details about Chick Lang’s racing style and approach to big races like the Kentucky Derby?

Chick Lang earned a reputation for his daring and fearless approach to racing. He would frequently place his horse at the front of the pack from the start, making bold moves at crucial points in the race. This strategy paid off with an exciting win at the Kentucky Derby in 1928.

4. What set Chick Lang apart from other jockeys of his time, particularly in the context of his historic Derby win?

Chick Lang stood out from other jockeys of his time because of his exceptional skill, unwavering determination, and strong bond with his horse, Reigh Count. These qualities led him to achieve a legendary victory at the Kentucky Derby in 1928 that remains a memorable moment in the history of horse racing.

5. How did Chick Lang’s Kentucky Derby triumph contribute to his legacy within the horse racing community?

Chick Lang became a legendary jockey after winning the Kentucky Derby in 1928. His exceptional skill and historic victory firmly established his place in horse racing history.

6. Are there any memorable anecdotes or lesser-known facts about Chick Lang’s journey to winning the Kentucky Derby that fans might find intriguing?

Chick Lang’s road to victory in the 1928 Kentucky Derby holds a hidden gem – he battled back from a major injury mere months before the big race. His unwavering determination and resilience not only impressed but also paved his way to an unforgettable triumph.