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Majestic Prince Before and Beyond the Kentucky Derby

majestic prince kentucky derby winner 1969

In this short summary, we’ll explore the incredible journey of Majestic Prince, a renowned Thoroughbred racehorse born in 1966. We’ll trace his impressive lineage back to influential sires like Raise a Native and Gay Hostess. Let’s dive into his early wins at races such as the Los Feliz Stakes and Santa Anita Derby, leading up to his historic victory at the Kentucky Derby. We’ll experience the thrill of his Preakness Stakes win and uncover the controversies surrounding his appearance at the Belmont Stakes. Finally, we’ll witness his retirement at Spendthrift Farm where he left a lasting legacy as a successful sire and earned posthumous induction into the Hall of Fame.

Early Life and Family Background

Majestic Prince was a famous racehorse born in the United States on March 19, 1966. He had an impressive lineage, being the offspring of Raise a Native and Gay Hostess, and was bred by Leslie Combs II.

Frank McMahon owned Majestic Prince while Johnny Longden trained him. As he matured, Majestic Prince became known as one of the top horses in North America during his time.

Introduction to Racing

Majestic Prince burst onto the racing scene in a spectacular way. As a young two-year-old back in 1968, he truly shone by winning both of his races, hinting at the remarkable career that lay ahead. Moving into his third year on the track, Majestic Prince wasted no time proving himself as a dominant force on the West Coast circuit. Victories in prestigious events such as the Los Feliz Stakes, San Vicente Stakes, and Santa Anita Derby quickly established him as a rising star within Thoroughbred racing.

Heading east to Churchill Downs for the legendary Kentucky Derby was an exciting challenge for Majestic Prince. The colt carried high expectations with confidence and determination evident during an exhilarating race where he triumphed gloriously and captured hearts all around. With jockey Bill Hartack skillfully guiding him through tough competition, Majestic Prince showcased unrivaled talent and drive.

After conquering Churchill Downs, it was off to Pimlico Race Course for the esteemed Preakness Stakes where once again Majestic Prince demonstrated his speed and stamina against top rivals securing another impressive win under Hartack’s expert guidance. These consecutive victories solidified Majestic Prince’s place among horse racing’s brightest stars bringing him just one step away from Triple Crown glory—a rare accomplishment achieved only by elite champions of years past.

The excitement leading up to Belmont Park was palpable as fans eagerly awaited whether Majestic Prince could complete his quest for Triple Crown greatness or fall agonizingly short—an outcome that continues to spark lively discussions among avid racing enthusiasts today…

The Pros & Cons of Racing Royalty


  1. Rich history and ancestry to be proud of

  2. Chance to win big rewards

  3. Requires advanced skills and dedicated practice

  4. Pathways to achieve fame and respect

  5. Thrilling and heart-pounding adventure


  1. Both the horse and rider could get hurt

  2. The costs for taking care of and fixing things for the horse are high

  3. You have to do well all the time

  4. Age rules mean you can't race for a long time

  5. People worry about how horses in races are treated

Kentucky Derby Triumph

In 1969, at the Churchill Downs under the blazing sun, Majestic Prince, with his shiny mahogany coat gleaming, displayed sheer dominance as he powered past tough competitors to seize victory at the prestigious Kentucky Derby. The sound of thundering hooves from other horses faded away as jockey Bill Hartack skillfully guided him to triumph on that revered track. This win not only carved Majestic Prince’s name in history but also cemented his reputation as a formidable contender among Thoroughbred racing elites.

The excitement of Majestic Prince’s significant win spread like wildfire throughout the racing community, sparking hope and enthusiasm among fans who admired this magnificent horse’s unmatched talent and tenacity. As he crossed the finish line amid roaring cheers and applause, it was clear that a legend was born—a horse destined for extraordinary achievements beyond imagination. His flawless record leading up to the Derby victory showcased a level of perfection rarely seen in horse racing circles, distinguishing him as an exceptional athlete blessed with remarkable grace and speed.

Following Majestic Prince’s impressive triumph at Churchill Downs, whispers of admiration swept through the crowd like gentle breezes carrying tales of awe from afar. His incredible feat didn’t just capture hearts; it inspired dreams in budding equestrians and enthusiasts alike—proof that true greatness has no limits when paired with unwavering commitment and natural talent. The Kentucky Derby evolved into more than just a race; it became a canvas where Majestic Prince painted strokes of brilliance that would forever decorate the rich tapestry of Thoroughbred history.

Preakness Stakes Victory

Majestic Prince’s win at the Preakness Stakes confirmed his status as a rising star in horse racing, securing his ninth consecutive victory. However, concerns soon arose about an injury to his right front tendon sustained during the race. This unexpected development raised doubts about whether Majestic Prince could continue winning and perform at the same level in future races.

Despite these worries hovering like dark clouds on race day, Majestic Prince once again displayed his undeniable talent at the Preakness Stakes. His performance was truly amazing, highlighting not only his speed and agility but also his sheer determination to succeed against all odds. Fans were dazzled by his grace and strength on the track without knowing the internal struggles he faced due to that nagging injury threatening to hinder his bright career prospects.

As word spread of Majestic Prince’s triumph at the Preakness Stakes alongside news of his injury, speculation ran wild among racing enthusiasts eagerly awaiting what lay ahead for this exceptional Thoroughbred. The uncertainty surrounding his future added suspense reminiscent of waiting for a close finish in a race—a mix of excitement and anxiety embodying both hope for recovery and fear of setbacks that could change history for this outstanding horse with endless potential.

Legendary Stallion: Majestic Prince's Legacy

Attribute Information
Sire Raise a Native
Grandsire Native Dancer
Dam Gay Hostess
Damsire Royal Charger
Sex Stallion
Foaled March 19, 1966
Died April 22, 1981
Country United States
Colour Chestnut
Breeder Leslie Combs II
Owner Frank McMahon
Trainer Johnny Longden
Rider Bill Hartack
Record 10: 9–1–0
Earnings $414,200
Major wins Los Feliz Stakes (1969), San Vicente Stakes (1969), Santa Anita Derby (1969), Stepping Stone Purse (1969), American Triple Crown wins: Kentucky Derby (1969), Preakness Stakes (1969)
Honours U.S. Racing Hall of Fame (1988), #46 – Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century

Belmont Stakes Controversy

When Majestic Prince competed in the Belmont Stakes, it sparked a huge debate in the racing world. Frank McMahon, the owner, faced criticism for changing plans to let the injured colt rest after winning at Preakness. Despite worries about Majestic Prince’s health – he had hurt his ankle during training – McMahon caved to pressure and entered him into the tough race.

Running Majestic Prince at Belmont was a big moment in his career path. The talented colt ended up coming second behind Arts and Letters by 5½ lengths, which was considered respectable but also somewhat disappointing. This race would later be remembered as Majestic Prince’s last one on the track, wrapping up what had been an impressive Triple Crown journey filled with controversy and competing interests.

After his strong effort at Belmont Park, talks about retiring Majestic Prince took over conversations. Even though there were uncertainties and doubts surrounding this final chapter of his career, he left behind a legacy as one of thoroughbred racing’s top competitors who won over fans with memories of his speed and determination that went beyond any single race or outcome.

Looking back now despite not winning at Belmont, Majestic Prince is forever etched into history as a symbol of resilience and excellence on the turf. While people wondered if he should have raced considering how he felt physically then, everyone agrees that this amazing horse captured audiences worldwide with grace under fire and unwavering drive before that unforgettable day at Belmont Park—a real testament to both equine greatness and human drama intertwined in horse racing tales.

Retirement and Legacy

Majestic Prince retired to Spendthrift Farm, starting a new chapter in his amazing career. In the scenic Kentucky hills, this powerful stallion found peace and purpose as he switched from racing to breeding. Despite his short time on the track, Majestic Prince made a lasting impact on Thoroughbred horse racing through his offspring who carried on his legacy with style and determination.

His influence went beyond just racing; it reached the U.S. Racing Hall of Fame where he finally got the recognition he deserved. The echoes of Majestic Prince’s victories traveled through time, immortalizing him not only as a top racer but also as a sire shaping future generations of racehorses. His entry into that esteemed group cemented his status among legends in horse racing history books.

At Spendthrift Farm, Majestic Prince stood tall like a king watching over his domain proudly and gracefully. People couldn’t help but be drawn to him because of his charisma and power that touched everyone around him. Visitors were amazed by how beautiful he was and breeders eagerly wanted their mares bred by this living legend whose bloodline promised greatness for many years to come.

As Coastal raced down Belmont Park’s homestretch to win “The Test Of The Champion” in 1979 – anyone watching would wonder if Majestic Prince was looking down from above feeling proud seeing others succeed where he once had been victorious himself. At that moment, it became clear that Majestic Prince’s legacy wasn’t limited to numbers or awards; it lived on through every step taken by those descended from him—an enduring mark left on Thoroughbred horse racing all across the globe.

Regal tales of Majestic Prince's racing legacy

  1. Exciting stories about the impressive racing history of Majestic Prince:

  2. As a two-year-old, Majestic Prince won all nine of his first races, displaying his incredible talent and earning him the nickname "The Mighty Prince."

  3. Despite doubts about his ability to handle the challenging distance of the Kentucky Derby, Majestic Prince silenced critics by winning the prestigious race in

  4. When Majestic Prince triumphed at the Kentucky Derby, it marked the first time since 1915 that an undefeated horse had claimed victory in this iconic event, cementing his place as a legend in horse racing.

  5. The rivalry between Majestic Prince and Arts and Letters captured fans' attention as these two talented colts competed against each other multiple times during their careers, creating unforgettable moments on the track.

  6. Beyond his time on the racetrack, Majestic Prince's impact continued as he became a successful sire who passed down his exceptional genes to future generations of champion horses in horse racing history.

Pedigree Analysis

Majestic Prince comes from a long line of great ancestors like Native Dancer and Royal Charger. These famous bloodlines influenced his racing skills and helped him succeed on the track.

His family history is full of victories, each generation adding something special to make him the amazing horse he was. He carried within him the spirit of past champions that drove him to win race after race. It felt like fate had given him a natural talent for speed and endurance right from the start.

In the world of horse racing, Majestic Prince’s name stands out as proof of how important breeding and talent can be. His ancestry gave him an advantage over others in competition. With every stride towards victory, he honored those who came before while creating his own legacy as one of the best horses in history.

As people watched this incredible horse charging towards glory on race day, they didn’t realize they were witnessing not just one animal running but generations coming together harmoniously. Majestic Prince represented more than just speed or determination; he embodied history itself – a living example that greatness has no limits when it runs through your veins like lightning ready to strike at any moment.

Honors and Awards

In 1988, Majestic Prince made history by being inducted into the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to Thoroughbred horse racing. His name now proudly sits alongside the greatest legends of the sport, showcasing his lasting impact on the world of racing. This well-deserved honor firmly establishes Majestic Prince as one of the top racehorses in history.

Furthermore, he earned a ranking at #46 on the Top 100 U.S Racehorses list for his incredible accomplishments throughout his racing career. This prestigious placement solidifies Majestic Prince’s legacy among some of America’s most renowned names in horse racing. It is a fitting tribute to a horse whose speed and spirit captured hearts worldwide.

Majestic Prince’s numerous honors and awards not only highlight his greatness but also serve as inspiration for future generations in Thoroughbred horse racing. Each accolade he received keeps alive his memory, representing resilience, determination, and raw talent that define champions like him forevermore.

Lasting Impact

The legacy of Majestic Prince continues to influence generations of Thoroughbreds, as his bloodline consistently produces champions on the racetrack. As a sire, he has imparted his exceptional speed and stamina to his descendants, who are carrying forward his impressive skills and reputation. Descendants like Majestic Light have upheld the family’s tradition of success, showcasing how Majestic Prince has shaped future champions.

After retiring from racing, Majestic Prince resided at Spendthrift Farm where he solidified his place as an iconic figure in horse racing. Fans eagerly visited him to catch a glimpse of the remarkable stallion who had captured their hearts with stellar performances on the track. His gentle nature and regal presence endeared him to everyone he encountered, leaving a lasting impression beyond mere statistics or race results.

Majestic Prince was posthumously inducted into the U.S. Racing Hall of Fame for not only his individual achievements but also for his broader impact on the sport itself. By immortalizing him alongside legends like Secretariat and Citation, they honored his contributions that inspired fans and industry professionals alike through perseverance and excellence.

In every hoofbeat resonating through history books or each descendant crossing finish lines today, Majestic Prince’s legacy lives on—a tribute not just to one horse’s greatness but also to the enduring passion within this thrilling world where equine grace meets human ambition head-on.


1. What was Majestic Prince's record leading up to the Kentucky Derby?

Majestic Prince had a flawless record of winning all nine races before the Kentucky Derby, proving his strength and talent as an up-and-coming star in Thoroughbred horse racing.

2. How did Majestic Prince perform in the 1969 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes?

In 1969, Majestic Prince won both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, proving his incredible skills and determination on the racetrack.

3. Why was there controversy surrounding Majestic Prince's decision to run in the Belmont Stakes?

Many people were talking about whether Majestic Prince should compete in the Belmont Stakes. They worried that he might not be physically ready for such a tough 1.5-mile race, especially after winning both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

4. What was Majestic Prince's pedigree and how did it contribute to his success on the track?

Majestic Prince had an impressive family background that included ancestors like the Triple Crown champions War Admiral and Man o' War. This lineage gave him a perfect mix of speed and endurance, which were key to his victories in races.

5. Where did Majestic Prince retire after his racing career, and what impact did he have as a sire?

Majestic Prince moved to Spendthrift Farm where he made a big difference as a sire, fathering many successful racehorses and passing on his legacy in the Thoroughbred horse racing world.

6. How did Majestic Prince's legacy endure despite not winning the Belmont Stakes?

Majestic Prince made a lasting impact with his stunning races in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. His impressive family lineage, along with his valuable work at Spendthrift Farm after retiring from racing, firmly established him as a legendary figure in the world of horse racing.