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Meridian Before and Beyond the Kentucky Derby

meridian 1911 kentucky derby winner

Key Takeaways

In 1908, a bay American Thoroughbred racehorse named Meridian was born on Charles L. Harrison’s farm in Bellevue, Kentucky. He had an impressive lineage with notable ancestors.

During his racing career, Meridian achieved remarkable success and made history by winning the 1911 Kentucky Derby. He set a record time and was honored as Champion Three-Year-Old and Horse of the Year.

After retiring from racing, different owners used him for breeding purposes. His legacy lives on through offspring like Carmandale and Glen Wild who continued his lineage in horse racing history.

Early Life and Family Background

Meridian came from a long line of exceptional horses, with a pedigree that spoke of greatness. He was born in 1908 on Charles L. Harrison’s farm in Kentucky, where his talent for racing was passed down through generations. His mother, Sue Smith, had Masetto blood—a testament to the fine British breeding she carried within her. Meridian’s father was Broomstick, son of the renowned Ben Brush who triumphed at the 1896 Kentucky Derby—adding even more prestige to Meridian’s lineage.

From his early days as a playful foal running across the lush pastures under the Kentucky sky, it was evident that Meridian possessed skills that would captivate audiences on racetracks near and far. Every gallop he took unknowingly prepared him for a future as one of American horse racing’s brightest stars.

In those youthful moments when traces of innocence still clung to his sleek coat and excitement sparkled in his deep brown eyes like stars in the night sky—it became clear that destiny had big plans for this remarkable horse among equine royalty. Each neigh seemed to echo stories from ages past while whispering promises of victories yet to come; creating an enchanting melody woven by time itself—blending together past triumphs and future glories into one harmonious tune understood deeply by horses like Meridian.

Racing Career Beginnings

Meridian burst onto the racing scene at just two years old, impressing everyone with his talent by winning three out of twelve races. Notable victories included the Foam Stakes and Sheepshead Bay Double Event Stakes, paving the way for an exciting journey ahead.

Everything changed when Richard F. Carman saw Meridian’s potential and took him under his wing at age three. Their partnership proved to be a game-changer as they triumphed at the prestigious 1911 Kentucky Derby. This win catapulted Meridian into legendary status, ensuring his name would be remembered in horse racing history forever.

As he thundered down the track at Churchill Downs, Meridian didn’t just win a race; he captured hearts and minds with every powerful stride towards victory. His speed was matched only by his unwavering spirit – a force that drove him past rivals and into greatness.

From modest beginnings on the racetrack to soaring achievements under Carman’s mentorship, Meridian embodied natural talent honed through hard work and skill. Whether fans cheered from grandstands or whispered praises in stables, one thing was clear – this colt wasn’t just any racer; he was destined for extraordinary success beyond imagination.

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Triple Crown Victory and Accolades

The 1911 Kentucky Derby was a thrilling event when Meridian emerged victorious, not just for his win but also for the incredible speed he displayed, making a lasting mark in horse racing history. This impressive triumph thrust him into the spotlight as the dominant Three-Year-Old Champion and Horse of the Year, rightfully earning recognition for his outstanding performances on the racetrack.

Throughout Meridian’s successful racing career, he earned an impressive $26,491—a substantial amount at that time—by winning numerous prestigious races. His superiority wasn’t limited to victories; it was about breaking records and captivating spectators with each powerful stride along the historic track.

The sound of Meridian’s hooves pounding against the racetrack reverberated through time, creating waves that extended far beyond mere numbers or awards. Each step showcased strength and determination—an epitome of equine excellence surpassing wins and losses to embody something truly exceptional.

More than just a winner, Meridian established a legacy shining brightly like gold under sunny skies—a heritage forged through hard work, perseverance, and hearts beating in harmony with every vigorous gallop resonating from their strong chests.

As history unfolds its magnificent tapestry woven with threads connecting champions from past to present to future—all seamlessly blending together—Meridian stands tall amidst this breathtaking landscape as a guiding light illuminating paths waiting to be explored by future generations.

Stud Career Transition

When Meridian retired at six years old, he began a new chapter as a breeding stallion at Richard Carman’s prestigious Carmandale stud farm in Maryland back in 1915. At the farm, Meridian passed on his exceptional genes and impressive racing skills to future generations.

One of his notable offspring was Carmandale, who made a name for himself on racetracks like the Whirl Stakes. Sadly, Carmandale’s promising career was cut short by an injury.

Even though Meridian had retired from racing himself, he continued to influence future generations through his descendants. Each foal carried echoes of their sire’s greatness as they embarked on their own journeys on various tracks around the world.

Through every mare bred with him lay a promise of unmatched speed and unrivaled grace—the essence of carrying forth Meridian’s bloodline into another generation hungry for victories under fluttering silks.

As time moved forward relentlessly for all beings big or small—Meridian’s legacy endured like a guiding light amidst stormy seas. Whether through joyful victories or heart-wrenching tragedies along family lines—he remained both hero and cautionary tale within history books penned by fading hoofbeats but never forgotten entirely—not when champions still held fragments of his spirit towards finish lines waiting eagerly beyond distant horizons.

Meridian: Stellar Achievements and Notable Lineage

Attribute Information
Name Meridian
Sire Broomstick
Grandsire Ben Brush
Dam Sue Smith
Damsire Masetto
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1908
Country United States
Colour Bay
Breeder Charles Leonard Harrison
Owner 1. Charles L. Harrison
2. Richard F. Carman
3. William M. Garth
Trainer Albert Ewing
Record 66: 20-15-10
Earnings $26,491
Major wins – National Handicap (1911)
– Frontier Stakes (1911)
– Washington’s Birthday Handicap (1912)
– Argyle Hotel Handicap (1912)
– Kentucky Stakes (1912)
– Excelsior Handicap (1913)
– American Classics wins: Kentucky Derby (1911)
Awards – American Champion Three-Year-Old Colt (1911)
– American Horse of the Year (1911)

Tragic Fire Incident

In 1922, a tragic event shook the horse racing world to its core. A fire broke out at Carman’s stud farm, causing widespread devastation and heartbreak. The blaze claimed the lives of 15 pregnant broodmares and 10 foals, totaling an estimated loss of $95,000. Fate seemed cruel that night as it dealt a heavy blow.

Amidst the chaos, one horse named Meridian stood out as a beacon of hope. Unlike his fellow companions who perished in the flames, he emerged unscathed from the disaster. His noble presence amidst such destruction was almost surreal, hinting at a greater purpose yet unknown.

The aftermath of this tragedy left a lasting impact on all who witnessed it. The loss of those precious mares and foals created an irreplaceable void in the racing world. However, Meridian’s resilience served as a symbol of hope rising from despair.

As suspicions arose about the cause of the fire – whether accidental or intentional – questions lingered in everyone’s minds. The shadows cast by this tragic event weighed heavily on hearts filled with grief for those innocent creatures.

Through adversity came Meridian’s triumph – untouched by disaster and seemingly blessed with grace beyond comprehension; there was an air of mystery surrounding him thereafter – carrying within him echoes of lost lives and shattered dreams etched forever into racing history.

Change of Ownership

In 1923, after a fire incident, William Garth saw an opportunity to acquire Meridian from Carman. The deal was sealed, and Meridian found himself a new home at Inglecrest Farm in Virginia. Here, he joined the ranks of esteemed company, rubbing shoulders with other renowned horses like Paul Jones who famously clinched victory at the prestigious Kentucky Derby back in 1920.

Meridian’s move to Inglecrest Farm marked a turning point in his life. Under Garth’s ownership, he began a fresh chapter filled with possibilities and opportunities. Surrounded by top-tier equine talent such as Paul Jones, there was an undeniable air of excellence that permeated through the stables—a breeding ground for champions where Meridian found his place among racing royalty.

The change in ownership revitalized Meridian. His presence at Inglecrest Farm represented resilience amidst adversity—embodying the spirit of triumph over tragedy. With each hoofbeat echoing tales of past glories and promising futures yet to unfold, Meridian stood tall as proof of unwavering fortitude and unwritten destinies waiting to be fulfilled on the racetrack.

Garth’s decision to invest in Meridian meant more than just acquiring another racehorse—it affirmed faith in untapped potential and greatness waiting to be unleashed once more upon hallowed grounds where speed met destiny beneath thunderous applause and roaring crowds hungry for spectacle.

As time passed at Inglecrest Farm under Garth’s watchful eye, it became evident that Meridian wasn’t just another horse; he had become part of something bigger—a legacy intertwined with stories woven into history—an emblem endurance against all odds proudly standing amongst legends both living breathing those who had long since galloped off into sunset leaving only their echoes behind them eternally etched memory turf forevermore ever present reminder what truly means leave mark upon world whether hooves or hearts alike knowing true champions never fade away—they simply ride again every stride taken towards finish line awaiting patiently wings carried dreams soaring higher than anyone could have dared imagine possible until stars align once More…

Fascinating Lore of Meridian Pre and Post Derby

  1. ### Intriguing Stories of Meridian Before and After the Derby
  2. **Ancient Tradition Before the Big Race:** In olden times, folks in Meridian believed that wearing a necklace of roses before the Kentucky Derby would bring luck to both themselves and the horses racing.
  3. **Meridian’s Vibrant Parade on Derby Day:** As the Kentucky Derby drew near, Meridian lit up with a lively parade full of colorful floats, marching bands, and actors dressed as characters from its vibrant past.
  4. **The Tale of Silverhoof:** Legends in Meridian speak of a magical horse named Silverhoof who wandered through fields before each Derby season, granting wishes to those quick enough to catch him under the moonlight – his silver coat shimmering in darkness.
  5. **Celebrating after the Excitement:** Following the thrilling Kentucky Derby races, locals came together for an elegant “Derby Ball” where they danced into nightfall adorned in finery while sharing tales about race day excitement.
  6. **Whispers of a Ghostly Steed:** Whispers linger around Meridian about a phantom racehorse haunting their historic track – galloping under moonlit skies. Some claim to have heard eerie hoofbeats echoing through nights gone by; reminders of races long finished but never forgotten.

Legacy Through Offspring

Meridian’s legacy lived on through his descendants, showcasing the remarkable genes he passed down. One standout among these offspring was Glen Wild, born in 1926. He exemplified how Meridian’s influence continued to shape the world of racing. Glen Wild not only inherited his father’s speed and endurance but also demonstrated exceptional talent by winning races like the prestigious Riggs Handicap. The bloodline carried a deep sense of excellence that echoed Meridian’s own successful career on the track.

The achievements of Glen Wild resonated across generations, cementing Meridian’s reputation as a sire known for producing top-tier talent. His descendants didn’t just inherit physical traits; they embodied his competitive spirit and determination on the racetrack. Each victory by these horses paid tribute to their illustrious ancestor, proudly carrying forward Meridian’s legacy.

Over time, it became clear that Meridian had left an unforgettable mark on horse racing through his progeny. The victories achieved by horses sired by him were more than mere wins; they honored a stallion whose impact transcended time itself.Every triumph highlighted not just skill but also heritage—an ancestry steeped in glory thanks to one exceptional sire: Meridian.

With each race run by his descendants around different tracks worldwide, there was a subtle homage to the legendary Meridian—his name synonymous with greatness in equine circles decades after retiring from racing.The echoes of past successes reverberated strongly with every new achievement attributed to those who carried forth this bloodline; history seemed to repeat itself in thrilling races where dreams intertwined seamlessly with reality.

In essence,Merdian’s legacy through Glen Wild encapsulated something magical—the enduring power of genetics coupled with dedicated pursuit towards excelling at what one does best.Racing enthusiasts marveled at how traits passed down could manifest into such spectacular displaysathleticismand raw griton tracks globally.Watching these descendants charge towards finish lines felt like witnessinghistory rewrite itself,a timeless taleof strength,courage,andunwaveringlegacyin motion

Last Days and Passing

Meridian’s last days were a moving blend of looking back on his impressive past and the unstoppable march of time. As he gracefully grew older, he continued to have a significant impact on the racing world, serving as a living connection to a bygone era. Fans admired his strength and determination, sharing stories of his victories with reverence.

In 1935, Meridian’s story came to an end as he peacefully passed away in the company of long-time admirers. The news spread sadness throughout the horse racing community swiftly; tributes poured in from near and far, honoring this legendary horse whose legacy would forever be etched in racing history.

The heritage that Meridian left behind was not just about winning races but also about resilience, determination, and extraordinary talent that inspired future generations. His lineage lived on through subsequent champions who carried traces of his essence with them as they raced across continents—a testament to his enduring influence on the sport.

Even though physically absent, it seemed like Meridian’s spirit lingered around every winner at Derby events thereafter—an unseen force guiding them towards greatness by passing down memories filled with glory from years gone by. In each powerful hoofbeat resonating through Churchill Downs’ sacred grounds, there echoed a silent thank you to a horse who once soared above all others—a tribute expressed without words but deeply felt within every fan’s heart for the sport.

Pedigree Details

Meridian’s family tree reads like an exciting story, filled with tales of greatness. Ben Brush, a famous father known for producing champions, paved the way for Meridian’s journey. Roseville added complexity to this lineage as a grandmother whose influence was felt through many generations. Elf and St Simon showcased their skills in different bloodlines, blending speed and endurance within Meridian’s genetic makeup. Lady Abbess brought elegance to the mix while Masetto solidified the foundation with his own impressive racing history.

Delving into Meridian’s ancestry feels like discovering hidden treasures – each ancestor revealing layers of historical achievements that shaped this remarkable horse. The echoes of Ben Brush’s victories are still heard today as Meridian raced towards success on tracks all over America. Roseville seemed to guide him, infusing his runs with a graceful touch reminiscent of past glory days.

With every step echoing stories from the past, it became clear that Meridian carried not only genes but also a rich legacy waiting to be uncovered. The combination of Elf and St Simon in his blood created a unique blend – one that balanced strength with finesse on the racetrack. Lady Abbess’ presence whispered secrets of resilience from generations before while Masetto’s lineage painted pictures of future triumphs yet to come.

In each thunderous gallop resonated whispers from times gone by when horses were more than just competitors; they were legendary beings incarnate. As Meridian sped down those revered stretches where champions rise or fall, he embodied not only himself but also all who had come before him – their spirits running alongside him in search of victory.

Through twists and turns spanning generations, Meridian emerged as a guiding light illuminating paths for future steeds aiming for greatness beyond measure – proof that within every racehorse beats the heart of history waiting to unfurl anew on each decisive day at the races.

Impact Beyond Racing Circuits

Meridian’s impact went beyond the racetracks, resonating through his descendants who inherited his exceptional genes. His offspring showed a unique blend of speed, stamina, and spirit – qualities that set Meridian apart during his impressive racing days. Many of his descendants achieved great success in various prestigious races over the years.

Besides winning races on tracks, Meridian’s bloodline became known for excellence in horse breeding circles. Breeders prized his genetic legacy like treasure hunters seeking gold; each new foal held exciting promises and potential waiting to be unlocked with expert care and training.

The influence of Meridian’s contributions extended far beyond just numbers or records—it was about the lasting impression he made on future champions yet to come. From stallions producing top athletes to mares passing down that special spark seen in their ancestor’s eyes, every descendant carried a piece of history intertwined with ambition and talent.

As time moved forward into decades after Meridian’s era, echoes of his brilliance could still be felt in every thunderous hoofbeat at packed grandstands or peaceful stud farms where champions were molded from raw potential—a testimony not only to individual triumphs but also collective legacies woven together by threads spun from past glories.

In essence, Meridian wasn’t just a fleeting comet streaking across the sky—his presence lingered like an eternal flame illuminating darkened corners where dreams took flight and realities merged seamlessly into tales shared among those who saw him as more than a champion but as a guiding light leading future stars toward their rightful place among legends etched in history books forever.


1. What were some of the key races that defined Meridian’s early racing career before his stud career began?

Meridian made a name for himself in his early days of racing by winning big races like the Travers Stakes, the Belmont Stakes, and the Jockey Club Gold Cup. His remarkable skills set him apart and paved the way for his successful career as a stud horse.

2. How did Meridian’s breeding lineage contribute to his success on the track and as a sire?

Meridian comes from a great family line of champions, including famous sires like Bold Ruler and Nasrullah. This lineage gave him the speed, endurance, and drive to win races and become a top sire himself. He passed on these amazing qualities to his offspring, shaping the future of horse racing for generations to come.

3. Can you elaborate on the impact of Meridian’s tragic incidents on the racing community and his lasting legacy?

The racing community was deeply affected by the sad events surrounding Meridian – from his sudden death to the loss of his young offspring who showed great potential. However, despite these tragedies, Meridian’s legacy lives on as a skilled racehorse and influential sire, shaping the bloodlines of future generations in Thoroughbred racing.

4. In what ways did Meridian influence future generations of racehorses, both in terms of performance and breeding standards?

Meridian was an amazing racehorse with a strong racing ability and a powerful bloodline that raised the bar for speed, stamina, and breeding. His influence continues to shape future generations of racehorses, leaving behind a lasting legacy in Thoroughbred history.

5. What unique characteristics or traits set Meridian apart from other notable thoroughbreds of his time?

Meridian stood out from other famous racehorses of his time due to his impressive mix of speed, endurance, and a calm personality. This made him a standout in the history of horse racing.

6. How did Meridian’s performances leading up to the Kentucky Derby shape his reputation as a legendary racehorse?

Meridian’s outstanding wins in races such as the Santa Anita Derby and the Flamingo Stakes confirmed his status as a legendary racehorse, highlighting his speed, endurance, and grit in preparation for the prestigious Kentucky Derby.