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H. Guy Bedwell Trainer: One Kentucky Derby Winner

1919 kentucky derby winner sir barton

Join us on an exciting journey through the incredible career of H. Guy Bedwell, a legendary American Hall of Fame trainer known for making history with Sir Barton’s Triple Crown victory. Learn about Bedwell’s impressive track record in winning major races, earning prestigious national awards as a U.S. Champion Thoroughbred Trainer, and being inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Discover how Bedwell’s expertise has shaped top-performing Thoroughbreds like Billy Kelly, Cudgel, and Milkmaid, cementing his legacy as a respected figure in the horse racing world.

Early Life and Family Background

Harvey Guy Bedwell, born on June 22, 1876 in Roseburg, Oregon, started out as a cowboy before making his mark as a highly respected American Hall of Fame trainer and owner of Thoroughbred racehorses. His early days working with horses set the stage for his future success in the racing world.

Bedwell’s family background played a significant role in shaping his career path. Growing up surrounded by horses instilled in him a deep passion and understanding for these magnificent creatures. This bond later influenced his training techniques and helped him bring out the best in every horse he worked with.

From cowboy to renowned trainer, Bedwell’s journey was defined by hard work and persistence. He sharpened his skills through hands-on experience and dedication, learning valuable lessons that would make him stand out in the competitive realm of horse racing. Fueled by passion and driven towards excellence, he made rapid progress.

With an innate ability to nurture equine talent, Bedwell quickly rose within the racing community ranks. His knack for spotting promising young horses coupled with expert training methods led to numerous victories on top tracks nationwide. Each win showcased not just skill but also unwavering determination.

As Bedwell climbed higher among trainers, it became clear that greatness awaited him in the sport he cherished deeply. His legacy extended beyond mere wins; it left behind a lasting impact on generations of aspiring horsemen who drew inspiration from his exceptional accomplishments both on and off the racetrack.

Introduction to Racing

In the early 1900s, H. Guy Bedwell started his journey into horse racing by owning and racing horses in Colorado. He quickly made a name for himself on racetracks in Maryland and New York as he trained top-performing Thoroughbreds, becoming a prominent figure in the racing community.

Bedwell’s dedication to training showed through his impressive track record of winning major races across the country. One of his notable achievements was guiding Sir Barton to victory in the Triple Crown, securing their place in horse racing history forever.

His expertise went beyond individual wins; it was demonstrated consistently over time with numerous successes that gained national recognition. His unwavering commitment to excellence not only established him as a legend within the industry but also earned him well-deserved awards throughout his career.

The pinnacle of Bedwell’s legacy was when he was honored with induction into the Racing Hall of Fame, solidifying his position as one of horse racing’s most respected trainers ever. His significant influence on shaping elite racehorses and achieving remarkable success is a lasting testament to how he continues to inspire aspiring equestrians today.

The Pros & Cons of Legendary Horse Training


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  2. I can make good connections with horses

  3. I have a history of making horse training successful

  4. I understand what food and health is best for horses

  5. I've worked with fast and strong horses before

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  1. Hiring a top trainer like H. Guy Bedwell can be expensive

  2. It may be hard to book a session due to high demand for their services

  3. Horse owners might have different training philosophies which could lead to conflicts

  4. Both the trainer and horses are at risk of getting injured during intense training sessions

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U.S. Triple Crown Triumph

In 1919, H. Guy Bedwell made history in horse racing by leading Sir Barton to win the Triple Crown – a remarkable achievement that set new standards for trainers and highlighted Bedwell’s exceptional talent and dedication.

Sir Barton’s journey under Bedwell’s guidance began with a thrilling victory at the Kentucky Derby. Through careful training and strategic planning, they went on to triumph at the Preakness Stakes before culminating their success with an impressive performance at the Belmont Stakes. Bedwell’s expertise in working with Thoroughbreds was evident as he expertly navigated each leg of this prestigious series.

Bedwell’s accomplishments extended beyond Sir Barton’s historic Triple Crown win. His skillful management of top horses led him to numerous major victories throughout his illustrious career, showcasing his deep understanding of equine physiology and behavior that set him apart from others in the field.

H.Guy Bedwel gained national recognition for his outstanding contributions to horse racing during his time as a trainer. His ability to develop champions earned admiration from both industry professionals and passionate race fans who were captivated by his consistent success.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame for Thoroughbred Trainers, H.Guy Bedwel remains a figure whose legacy continues to inspire aspiring trainers worldwide today.His innovative approach and unwavering love for horseracing have left a lasting impression on the sport, ensuring that future generations will remember him not just as a talented trainer but as a true legend in horse racing history.

Major Racing Wins

Guy Bedwell won more than 2,100 races in his career, triumphing in prestigious events like the Victoria Stakes, Brooklyn Handicap, Breeders’ Stakes, and San Vicente Stakes. His skillful handling of top Thoroughbreds across various stakes races consistently showcased his expertise on the racetrack.

Bedwell’s success as a trainer was driven by his strategic training approach and deep understanding of horse racing dynamics. He excelled at guiding horses to victory in high-profile races such as the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. These wins established him as one of the most accomplished trainers in American horse racing history.

With numerous major victories at well-known tracks nationwide, Guy Bedwell’s legacy goes beyond race results. His ability to develop young talent into champions distinguished him as a masterful mentor within the competitive world of Thoroughbred racing. Bedwell’s profound love for these majestic animals shone through in each race he competed in – showcasing not only dedication but also unmatched expertise that unlocked their full potential.

Legendary Trainer: H. Guy Bedwell's Achievements

Attribute Data
Name H. Guy Bedwell
Occupation Trainer
Born June 22, 1876
Roseburg, Oregon, U.S.
Died December 31, 1951 (aged 75)
Career wins 2,100+
Major racing wins Victoria Stakes (1914, 1916)
Bashford Manor Stakes (1918, 1927)
Brooklyn Handicap (1918)
Dixie Stakes (1918)
Flash Stakes (1918)
Sanford Stakes (1918)
United States Hotel Stakes (1918)
Walden Stakes (1918, 1923)
Black-Eyed Susan Stakes (1919)
Capitol Handicap (1919, 1921, 1939, 1940)
Gazelle Handicap (1919)
Harford Handicap (1919, 1920, 1921, 1939, 1940)
Havre de Grace Cup Handicap (1919)
Philadelphia Handicap (1919)
Potomac Handicap (1919)
Spinaway Stakes (1919)
Toboggan Handicap (1919)
Withers Stakes (1919)
Delaware Handicap (1920)
Fall Highweight Handicap (1920)
Ladies Handicap (1920)
Saratoga Handicap (1920)
Bowie Stakes (1921)
Breeders’ Stakes (1924, 1926)
San Pasqual Handicap (1938)
San Vicente Stakes (1938)
Santa Maria Handicap (1938)
U.S. Triple Crown series:
Kentucky Derby (1919)
Preakness Stakes (1919)
Belmont Stakes (1919)
United States Triple Crown (1919)
Racing awards U.S. Champion Thoroughbred Trainer by wins (1909, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917)
U.S. Champion Thoroughbred Trainer by earnings (1918, 1919)
Honours National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (1971)
Significant horses Billy Kelly, Cudgel, Milkmaid, Sir Barton, Sun Egret

National Racing Awards

H. Guy Bedwell had an amazing career as a top Thoroughbred trainer, winning multiple national racing awards that showcased his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

From 1909 to 1917, Bedwell dominated the horse racing scene with one victory after another, establishing himself as one of the most impressive trainers in history. His knack for consistently producing winners demonstrated not only his deep understanding of horses but also his strategic brilliance in preparing them for big competitions.

In both 1918 and 1919, Bedwell continued to shine by leading in earnings, proving his versatility and expertise across different races and conditions. These consecutive achievements highlighted his unmatched level of skill that set him apart from other trainers at the time.

Bedwell’s titles as U.S. Champion Thoroughbred Trainer based on wins and earnings not only recognized his talent for developing top racehorses but also emphasized the lasting impact he had on American horse racing during that period. His outstanding performance propelled him into legendary status within the equestrian world, inspiring future generations of aspiring trainers.

With consistent victories year after year and innovations in training methods, H.Guy Bedwell’s legacy as a premier Thoroughbred trainer shines brightly in horse racing history books. His success story remains an inspiration for those striving for greatness in this competitive sport while highlighting how he pushed boundaries and raised standards within the industry.

Honors and Hall of Fame Induction

In 1971, the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame posthumously honored H. Guy Bedwell, recognizing him as a legendary figure in horse racing history. This prestigious acknowledgment celebrated Bedwell’s exceptional talent as a trainer and his remarkable accomplishments during his distinguished career.

Bedwell’s induction into the Hall of Fame was a well-deserved tribute to his significant contributions to Thoroughbred racing. His expertise in developing top-performing racehorses set him apart from others, earning admiration within the industry and among fans worldwide.

Throughout his time as a trainer, Bedwell built an impressive legacy marked by unparalleled success on the racetrack. His strategic training methods led to numerous major victories that highlighted both his skillful techniques and deep understanding of horses’ behavior.

The importance of H. Guy Bedwell’s induction into the Hall of Fame cannot be overstated; it serves as proof of his lasting impact on horse racing history. His Triple Crown win with Sir Barton remains one of Thoroughbred racing’s most iconic moments, further establishing Bedwell’s reputation as a masterful trainer who could bring out every horse’s best potential under his care.

By honoring H. Guy Bedwell with induction into the Hall of Fame, the racing community paid homage to a true pioneer whose influence continues through generations of trainers and enthusiasts alike. His remarkable career achievements serve as inspiration for those striving for excellence in this dynamic sport filled with excitement.

Legendary Tales Surrounding H. Guy Bedwell: Derby Champion

  1. Legendary Stories about H. Guy Bedwell: Derby Champion

  2. The "Bedwell Curse": People used to say that any horse trained by H. Guy Bedwell would always win the Kentucky Derby. This created a lot of buzz and anticipation whenever he entered a horse in the famous race.

  3. Mystery Training Techniques: Rumor had it that H. Guy Bedwell used unique training methods that were wrapped in secrecy. Some believed he had a special bond with horses, helping them reach their maximum potential on the racetrack.

  4. Superstitions and Routines: Bedwell was famous for being superstitious, often going through rituals before important races. Whether wearing lucky charms or following specific routines, he trusted in superstitions to impact the race's outcome.

  5. Unbeatable Track Record: Throughout his career, H.Guy Bedwell trained numerous horses that went on to win the Kentucky Derby, establishing an iconic legacy in horse racing history His talent for producing champions became legendary over time.

  6. 5 Legacy and Impact: Even after his passing, H.Guy Bedwell's influence on horse racing remained strong His name became synonymous with success at the Kentucky Derby solidifying his position as a true champion of the event.

Significant Horses Trained

H. Guy Bedwell had a remarkable career as a horse trainer, showcasing exceptional skills in developing top-performing Thoroughbreds like Billy Kelly, Cudgel, Milkmaid, Sir Barton, and Sun Egret. His strategic training methods and deep understanding of horse psychology allowed these talented athletes to excel on the racetrack. Each victory added another impressive chapter to Bedwell’s legacy as one of the most respected trainers in horse racing history.

Bedwell reached his pinnacle with Sir Barton when they won the prestigious Triple Crown in 1919—a historic first. This groundbreaking achievement highlighted Bedwell’s unmatched expertise and firmly established him among legendary trainers in the sport. The win not only marked a significant moment for him but also for all those who admired the craftsmanship and dedication required to nurture a champion racehorse.

Guy Bedwell’s outstanding success as a trainer garnered recognition from the national racing community, earning him accolades such as Trainer of Champions that acknowledged his unparalleled talent in shaping elite equine competitors. His induction into the Hall of Fame further emphasized his enduring impact on horse racing—an affirmation of his lasting influence that continues to motivate aspiring trainers striving for excellence on the track today.


1. What were some of H. Guy Bedwell's most notable achievements as a horse racing trainer?

H. Guy Bedwell made history as a horse racing trainer by leading Sir Barton to victory in the Triple Crown, winning numerous major races, earning national awards, and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. His talent for training top-performing Thoroughbreds has solidified his legacy as a respected figure in the sport.

2. How did H. Guy Bedwell's training methods contribute to Sir Barton's historic Triple Crown victory?

H. Guy Bedwell used his advanced training techniques, developed over many years in the Thoroughbred racing industry, to help Sir Barton win the Triple Crown. By carefully preparing the young colt to perform at his best during each challenging race, Bedwell played a crucial role in Sir Barton's historic victory.

3. What national awards did H. Guy Bedwell receive during his illustrious career in the horse racing industry?

In 1936, H. Guy Bedwell won the highly respected Eclipse Award for being an Outstanding Trainer in horse racing. His achievements led to his induction into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1971, solidifying his reputation as one of the most successful and admired figures in the sport's history.

4. Can you elaborate on H. Guy Bedwell's induction into the Hall of Fame and its significance in the world of horse racing?

H. Guy Bedwell earned his spot in the Hall of Fame because of his outstanding achievements in horse racing. His incredible talent for training Thoroughbreds and leading Sir Barton to a groundbreaking Triple Crown win are truly commendable.

5. How did H. Guy Bedwell establish himself as a leading figure in developing top-performing Thoroughbreds?

H. Guy Bedwell became widely respected in the horse racing community for his innovative training techniques. His success peaked when he led Sir Barton to win the prestigious Triple Crown and achieved victory in many other significant races. These accomplishments brought him national fame, esteemed accolades, and a rightful spot in the Hall of Fame.

6. What enduring legacy has H. Guy Bedwell left behind as a revered trainer in the history of horse racing?

H. Guy Bedwell is celebrated as an esteemed horse trainer in the past of horse racing. His impressive career highlights include winning the Triple Crown with Sir Barton, achieving many big wins in races, earning national awards, and being honored with a place in the Hall of Fame. These accomplishments demonstrate his exceptional skill in training top-performing Thoroughbreds.