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Art Sherman Trainer: One Kentucky Derby Winner

2014 kentucky derby winner california chrome

Discover the remarkable journey of Art Sherman, a devoted horse racing fan who turned his passion into a successful career. Starting out as a stable hand and eventually becoming the trainer of California Chrome, Sherman’s story is filled with hard work, expertise, and an unbreakable love for the sport. Learn about his innovative training methods, family background, and major wins that have established his place in the world of horse racing.

Early Life and Family Background

Art Sherman, a native of Brooklyn, New York, started his journey in the horse racing world by working as a stable hand for well-known figures in the industry such as Rex Ellsworth and Mesh Tenney. This early experience laid a strong foundation for his future success. He closely worked with Kentucky Derby champions Swaps and Terrang, gaining valuable insights into advanced horsemanship techniques.

Sherman’s career began modestly as he immersed himself in all aspects of horse care and training under experienced professionals. He absorbed their knowledge eagerly, learning firsthand how to manage champion racehorses effectively. This hands-on training shaped his approach to horse training – one that would later be recognized worldwide for its precision and expertise on racetracks.

The beginning of Art Sherman’s successful career can be traced back to his younger years spent alongside legendary figures in the equestrian world. His time spent working closely with award-winning horses not only polished his skills but also fueled a deep passion for excellence in equine sports within him. These early experiences set the stage for what ultimately led to California Chrome’s outstanding victory at Churchill Downs—a triumph that cemented Sherman’s position as an unstoppable force in the history of horse racing.

Introduction to Racing

At just 20 years old, Art Sherman dove headfirst into the world of horse racing by obtaining his jockey license in 1957. As a young rider, he achieved some notable successes before shifting gears and transitioning to training horses in 1979. With an impressive track record of more than 2,100 wins under his belt, Sherman had already established himself as a seasoned figure within the racing community well before guiding California Chrome onto the prestigious Churchill Downs grounds.

Sherman’s talent as a trainer truly shined when he took on the challenge of molding California Chrome into greatness. The partnership between Sherman and California Chrome was legendary, culminating in their historic triumph at the renowned Kentucky Derby. Their success not only showcased Sherman’s exceptional skills but also underscored his unwavering commitment to developing equine talent into sheer brilliance on the racetrack.

Beyond mere numbers and victories, Art Sherman is more than just an accomplished trainer; he embodies resilience, passion, and an unwavering spirit that has left a lasting impression on horse racing history. His story serves as inspiration for future generations – demonstrating how hard work, determination, and love for these majestic creatures can lead to remarkable achievements both on and off the track.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Horse racing icons motivate upcoming generations of trainers and jockeys.

  2. Their accomplishments enrich the vibrant history and customs of horse racing.

  3. These icons often have intriguing life stories that mesmerize fans.

  4. They inject thrill and prestige into the sport of horse racing.

  5. The triumphs of these legends can spark heightened interest in the field.

  6. Their influence can be carried forward through collectibles, documentaries, and various media formats.


  1. New trainers and jockeys often feel overwhelmed by the pressure to match up to the achievements of legendary figures in horse racing.

  2. Scandals or controversies might damage the reputation of these racing icons.

  3. Sometimes, the relentless pursuit of victory can cloud people's judgment when it comes to looking after the well-being of horses.

  4. Criticism and scrutiny are common for racing legends regarding their training techniques and decisions.

  5. Fan rivalries and conflicts among professionals can arise due to the competitive nature of horse racing.

  6. The sky-high expectations set for these legends create unrealistic standards that others in the industry may struggle to meet.

Training Career Highlights

Art Sherman has had an incredible career as a horse trainer. Before he achieved great success with California Chrome, he had already trained ten top horses and won over 2,100 races. He showed his skill in big races like the Dubai World Cup in 2016, proving that he could train horses to compete at the highest level internationally.

Sherman’s wins were not just one-time achievements; they demonstrated his consistent excellence. Some of his most impressive victories include the Hollywood Derby and Citation Handicap. Each win showcased both Sherman’s talent and the strong connection he built with every horse in his care.

What makes Art Sherman stand out is not just his long list of successes but also the care and dedication he puts into each racehorse that comes under his guidance. He is known for treating every horse as a unique individual with specific needs and talents, which undoubtedly played a role in creating winning champions on the racetrack.

The story of California Chrome shines brightly as a source of hope within Art Sherman’s remarkable career. Their journey from humble beginnings to triumphs at Churchill Downs represents resilience against all obstacles—a true display of determination both on and off the track.

With unwavering commitment to excellence driving each step taken by those under his mentorship, Art Sherman continues to write chapters filled with passion, drive, and exceptional horsemanship—painting a vivid picture of a trainer whose name will forever be remembered in racing history.

California Chrome’s Success

Art Sherman formed a special bond with California Chrome that was truly extraordinary, showcasing his extensive expertise in the world of horse racing. He expertly guided the chestnut colt to victory in both the 2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, highlighting how years of experience can often outshine new approaches in this sport.

The path to success wasn’t smooth sailing for California Chrome and Art Sherman. With four consecutive wins leading up to their historic triumphs, they proved that hard work, dedication, and a sprinkle of old-school charm can pave the way for greatness on racetracks all over America.

Sherman’s remarkable achievement at just 40 years old when he secured victory in the Kentucky Derby cemented his position not only as a trainer but as a legend within horse racing circles. His talent for connecting with horses on a profound level, understanding their intricacies and requirements set him apart from many modern trainers who rely more on contemporary techniques.

Through challenges and victories alike, Art Sherman remained steadfast by California Chrome’s side like an unyielding force—a testament to his unwavering dedication to each horse under his care. Their triumphs were more than just about winning races; they embodied resilience, partnership between man and beast, and an unbreakable bond forged through countless hours of intense training sessions beneath sunny Californian skies.

Champion Trainer: Racing Icon and Record-Setter

Occupation Born Career Wins Major Racing Wins Significant Horses
Horse trainer February 17, 1937 (age 87) 481 (as a jockey) American Classics wins: Kentucky Derby (2014), Preakness Stakes (2014) California Chrome
Brooklyn, New York, U.S. 2,261 (as a trainer) Other Grade I wins: Dubai World Cup (2016), Clement L. Hirsch Stakes (2011), Hollywood Derby (2010, 2014) Ultra Blend, Silent Lure
Citation Handicap (2007), Triple Bend Invitational Handicap (2006) Haimish Hy, Lang Field

Personal Life and Family

Art Sherman’s personal life is closely intertwined with his professional success in horse racing. He is married to Faye, who used to work at the Bay Meadows Racetrack. Their marriage has fostered a deep understanding of the sport within their family. They have two sons, Alan and Steve, who have followed in Art’s footsteps by becoming horse trainers themselves. This multi-generational legacy within the Sherman household showcases how family support can play a crucial role in shaping one’s career path.

Faye’s experience working at Bay Meadows Racetrack likely provided valuable insights that complemented Art’s expertise as a trainer. Their shared passion for horses not only strengthened their bond but also instilled values of hard work and dedication in their sons, who have excelled as trainers themselves.

Through thick and thin, Sherman’s family has stood by him through every win and loss on the track. The strong familial ties fuel an unbreakable spirit that resonates across generations—a testament to unity both on and off the racecourse. Each member contributes unique perspectives shaped by love for equine athletes, forming a formidable team dedicated to achieving greatness in horse racing circles.

In this high-stakes industry where precision is paramount, having a close-knit family like Art Sherman does can make all the difference between mediocrity and excellence.The Shermans exemplify how passion passed down through bloodlines can transform mere interest into unparalleled mastery—creating not just champions on tracks but fostering enduring bonds that withstand any challenges life presents them with.

Hall of Fame Induction

Art Sherman, a highly accomplished figure in horse racing, earned a well-deserved spot in the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame back in 2015 for his exceptional work as a trainer. Over the course of more than six decades, Sherman’s journey from being a jockey to becoming a renowned trainer is truly impressive. His unwavering commitment and love for the sport have made a lasting impact on the world of racing.

Sherman’s training methods are often praised for their perfect blend of creativity and science. He possesses an excellent ability to recognize each horse’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing him to tailor his techniques accordingly. By instilling confidence in both his horses and jockeys, Sherman creates an environment where success feels almost guaranteed.

Having grown up surrounded by horses in rural California, Sherman developed an early passion for these magnificent creatures that would go on to define his entire life. Coming from a family deeply rooted in horseracing culture laid the groundwork for what would evolve into an illustrious career as one of the industry’s most respected trainers.

Of all the legendary horses he has trained throughout his career, none shine brighter than California Chrome. The pair captured hearts worldwide with their historic victory at the Kentucky Derby back in 2014—an accomplishment that solidified Art Sherman’s legacy as an expert trainer capable of turning aspirations into reality on the racetrack.

Legendary Tales of a Derby Champ

  1. Exciting Story of a Derby Champion: Art Sherman Trainer – One Kentucky Derby Winner

  2. In 2014, Art Sherman made history by becoming the oldest trainer to win the prestigious Kentucky Derby when his horse, California Chrome, triumphed at Churchill Downs.

  3. Even before his amazing win with California Chrome, Art Sherman had been deeply involved in horse racing for over five decades, climbing up from a stable hand to become a well-known and respected trainer.

  4. The inspiring journey that led Art Sherman to victory at the Kentucky Derby with California Chrome motivated many within the racing community. It proved that hard work and determination can pave the way to success in this thrilling sport.

  5. A legendary bond existed between Art Sherman and California Chrome; their connection was extraordinary! The trainer often described the horse as possessing "once-in-a-lifetime" talent because of their special relationship and shared achievements.

  6. By clinching victory at the renowned Kentucky Derby with California Chrome, Art Sherman cemented his reputation as an esteemed and accomplished figure among trainers in horse racing circles. His legacy will endure through generations as he etches himself into the rich history of this beloved sport.

Significant Horses Trained

Art Sherman has made a lasting impact in the world of horse racing with his exceptional training skills for various famous horses. From the beloved California Chrome, who won hearts around the globe with his amazing performances, to lesser-known stars like Ultra Blend and Silent Lure, Sherman’s talent shines through in every horse he trains. These impressive animals not only show off their speed and agility but also reveal the strong connection they have with their trainer.

Haimish Hy is a prime example of Art Sherman’s ability to nurture talent and lead it towards success on the racetrack. Lang Field further cements Sherman’s reputation as an expert trainer capable of developing different types of horses’ abilities for top performance when it counts most. Each horse under Sherman’s guidance reflects dedication, hard work, and a genuine love for racing that mirrors their trainer’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Sherman’s skill at understanding each horse individually is clear in how he tailors his training methods to bring out their best qualities—a trait that sets him apart in this competitive field. His keen attention to detail combined with years of experience result in producing champions time after time.

From guiding California Chrome to victory at major races like the Kentucky Derby to nurturing less recognized talents into formidable competitors on any given race day, Art Sherman’s track record speaks volumes about his expertise as a trainer. The legacy left by these remarkable horses trained by him stands as proof not only of their own capabilities but also reflects back on Sherman’s effective guidance and teaching skills.

Unique Training Approach

Let me share with you the fascinating training methods of Art Sherman. He’s not your average trainer, oh no! Art has a special talent for customizing his techniques for each horse, like tailoring a fine suit. Drawing from his experience as a jockey, he truly understands what motivates these magnificent creatures. It’s almost as if he can communicate with them in their language, knowing exactly how to challenge them and when to give them some rest.

Art doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, he takes the time to study each horse’s unique characteristics and quirks so that he can adjust his training accordingly. His attention to detail sets him apart – it’s like he can see into their minds through those expressive eyes.

One exceptional quality of Art is his ability to form strong bonds with his horses. It’s not just about practicing on the track; it’s about establishing trust and respect between man and animal. This connection goes beyond mere technique; it’s heartfelt interaction that brings his training skills to legendary levels.

In Art Sherman’s world, there are no shortcuts or instant fixes when it comes to training horses. He believes in putting in consistent effort day after day until reaching perfection – or at least getting pretty close! The hard work, dedication, early mornings… they’re all part of the journey towards excellence under Art’s guidance.

So next time you witness one of Sherman’s horses dominating the racetrack with ease and elegance, remember – it isn’t just luck or talent but years of commitment and expertise refined by a master who knows these majestic animals better than most people know themselves.

Retirement Plans

Sherman’s love for the sport is as strong as a sprinter racing towards the finish line. His heart races along with every step taken on the track, showing no signs of slowing down even when retirement talks arise. Living in San Diego County, his home in a retirement community feels more like a quick break than an end goal, indicating that this experienced athlete still has plenty of competitions ahead.

The world of sports eagerly watches as Sherman boldly faces the challenges of time. Retirement may seem distant right now, but Art Sherman remains focused on what he does best – helping athletes reach their full potential through hard work and determination. With each new day at training grounds like Del Mar or Santa Anita Park, he is ready to take on any obstacle with enthusiasm that defies his age.

As long as there are athletes striving for success under open skies and competitive arenas, Sherman will be there leading the way with passion and commitment. For him, retirement isn’t about stepping back; it’s about enjoying every moment spent doing what drives him forward – coaching others to achieve greatness while leaving a lasting impact on sports history.

Legacy Through Successes

Art Sherman left a lasting mark on the world of horse racing thanks to his unwavering passion and dedication. His biggest achievement came with California Chrome, an exceptional colt who captured hearts worldwide by winning both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes in 2014 under Sherman’s guidance. This victory wasn’t just about winning races; it was about beating the odds, showing off skills, and motivating many people in the racing community.

Sherman didn’t stumble into success with California Chrome – it was the result of years of hard work paying off. He got into horse racing as a kid shining shoes at racetracks. Eventually, he worked his way up from being an exercise rider to becoming one of the most respected trainers around. His deep understanding of horses combined with his knack for meeting their needs made him stand out from others in his field.

What makes Art Sherman unique isn’t only what he has achieved but also how he approaches training. Known for being patient and gentle with his horses, Sherman develops strong bonds based on trust and mutual understanding. He respects each horse as an individual, creating training programs tailored to match their distinct personalities and strengths—a strategy that consistently delivers results.

Apart from California Chrome, Art Sherman has trained many other remarkable horses throughout his successful career so far—winners like Royal Delta or multiple stakes champions such as Cozy Guy all receive top-notch care when they’re under Sherman’s watchful eye—an approach that sets him apart as one of today’s leading figures in horseracing.

In summary: Art Sherman is not only admired for racking up wins—he embodies perseverance, humility, respect towards these majestic creatures he works with while always pushing himself toward greatness against all odds—establishing himself not just as a master trainer but also a beloved figure within this captivating sport we hold dear.


1. How did Art Sherman's background in horse racing influence his training methods and success?

Art Sherman's extensive experience in horse racing began when he started as a jockey and then moved into training. This background gave him a special insight and natural understanding of horses, shaping his training techniques and contributing to his impressive achievements in the industry.

2. What sets Art Sherman apart from other trainers in the industry, particularly in his approach to developing champion racehorses?

Art Sherman stands out from other trainers in the industry because of his special talent for creating strong bonds with his horses. His many years of experience and natural ability to understand their unique requirements help him excel at developing top racehorses like California Chrome.

3. Can you elaborate on Art Sherman's journey leading up to his historic Kentucky Derby win with California Chrome?

Art Sherman made history when he won the Kentucky Derby with California Chrome after years of hard work and dedication to horse racing. His exceptional training skills and deep knowledge of the sport were key factors in his success.

4. What notable horses has Art Sherman trained besides California Chrome, and what impact have they had on the racing world?

Art Sherman, a talented trainer, has worked with some famous horses. Cozy Guy was one of his champions, winning the 1986 Hollywood Gold Cup. Another standout horse he trained was Lang Field in the 1990s. These victories helped establish Sherman as a skilled trainer who excels at nurturing top equine talent.

5. How does Art Sherman's family history and upbringing contribute to his unique perspective as a trainer?

Art Sherman grew up in a family deeply involved in horse racing. His father worked as both a jockey and trainer, passing on his knowledge and love for the sport to Art. This upbringing gave Art a deep understanding of horses and how racing works, which has greatly influenced his approach as a trainer.

6. In what ways has Art Sherman's legacy influenced the next generation of trainers and shaped the future of horse racing?

Art Sherman's incredible talent with horses and hard work have motivated young trainers to follow in his footsteps. His achievements with famous horses such as California Chrome have set a benchmark for excellence in the horse racing industry, inspiring others to strive for greatness.