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Jerry Moss Owner: One Kentucky Derby Winner

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Discover the fascinating story of Jerry Moss, a remarkable individual who co-founded A&M Records and found success in horse racing. Follow his journey from creating an innovative record label to achieving major victories such as winning the Kentucky Derby with Giacomo and the Breeders’ Cup Classic with Zenyatta. Learn about Moss’s enduring impact on the music industry, horse racing world, and charitable endeavors, highlighting his impressive accomplishments in various fields.

Early Life and Family Background

Born in 1935, Jerry Moss was a native of New York who began his remarkable journey by earning an English degree from Brooklyn College. After finishing school at the age of 20, he courageously served in the United States Army before diving headfirst into the exciting world of music. Alongside Herb Alpert, he co-founded A&M Records, a move that later transformed the music industry and ensured their lasting impact on its history.

Moss’s early life set sturdy foundations for his future as a record executive and exceptional philanthropist. The trailblazing individual from Bronx showed outstanding dedication to both education and service through military duty during his early adult years. These formative experiences undoubtedly influenced Moss’s character profoundly and instilled values that went beyond simple success – they paved the way for meaningful contributions across various fields.

This phase in Jerry Moss’s life stands as evidence of resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to one’s aspirations. From modest beginnings arose a visionary whose influence on music history would extend far beyond what many could have envisioned when he was growing up in New York City. With each step forward, Jerry Moss wasn’t just creating opportunities for himself but also inspiring countless others with his extraordinary legacy.

Co-founder of A&M Records

In 1960, Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert teamed up to start A&M Records after their successful stint at Carnival Records. The label quickly became a hot spot for legendary artists like The Carpenters, Cat Stevens, and Janet Jackson. Their talent-spotting skills propelled them to massive success, leading to the record-breaking sale of A&M to PolyGram Records in 1989.

But it wasn’t just about business for Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert; they were all about fostering creativity and giving diverse musicians a platform. At A&M Records, artists were empowered to freely explore their craft while staying true to themselves artistically. This dynamic duo’s influence continues through generations of musicians who found inspiration at A&M—a place where innovation thrived alongside commercial triumphs.

Jerry Moss’s passion for music was evident in his unwavering support for emerging talents—an enthusiasm paired with sharp business acumen that reshaped the entertainment industry standards towards more artist-friendly approaches within record labels. Starting from humble beginnings at Carnival Records, Jerry Moss’s journey culminated in a tale filled with victories and challenges that cemented his reputation as an influential figure whose impact extends beyond his time leading A&M Records.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring and motivating others

  2. Building a lasting legacy in the industry

  3. Attracting attention to the sport

  4. Opening up opportunities for future generations

  5. Pushing for innovation and advancement in racing technology

  6. Fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among fans


  1. Feeling the need to keep up with success and reputation

  2. Facing the possibility of injuries or accidents while racing

  3. Dealing with the high costs of training and caring for racehorses

  4. Competing intensely can cause stress and burnout

  5. Coping with overwhelming public scrutiny and criticism

  6. Struggling to balance personal life with demanding racing schedules

Success in Horse Racing

Jerry Moss was not only successful in music but also made a name for himself in horse racing. He won the Kentucky Derby in 2005 with Giacomo and claimed victory at the Breeders’ Cup Classic in 2009 with Zenyatta, solidifying his reputation as a strong competitor in equestrian sports. His ability to spot champion horses set him apart.

In 2011, Jerry Moss was honored with induction into the prestigious Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, recognizing his achievements both on the racetrack and within the sport’s community. By excelling in both music and horse racing, he proved to be a versatile figure whose influence reached far and wide.

Through wins at events like the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup Classic, Jerry Moss became synonymous with excellence not just in music but also among horse racing enthusiasts. His victories showcased his love for horses while demonstrating his strategic skills that propelled him to success. His legacy is one of triumphs that continue to inspire riders, breeders, and fans today.

Art Collection Auction

At Christie’s New York auction on November 9, 2023, Jerry Moss sold part of his art collection for over $60 million. This event showcased his love for art beyond his famous music industry and horse racing successes. The auction highlighted Moss’s keen eye for exceptional pieces that caught the attention of collectors worldwide.

The impressive sale not only showed the artworks’ value but also their cultural importance in Moss’s curated collection. Each piece told a unique story, connecting with bidders who appreciated the depth and beauty in every brushstroke or sculpture detail.

Moss didn’t just collect art for its own sake; it was a way to express his deep passion for creativity and human ingenuity. His collection became proof of artistic brilliance, motivating future generations to see the impact of visual storytelling through different mediums.

This successful auction established Jerry Moss as more than just a figure in music and horse racing industries; he stood out as an innovative supporter of the arts whose influence went far beyond racetracks or recording studios. His mark on culture extended across various fields, leaving an unforgettable impression on those who shared his admiration for artistic excellence.

As bids flew around like fast horses nearing a finish line during the auction, one could almost hear Moss cheering each artwork finding its new owner. With each gavel strike resonating through time, Jerry Moss’s art collection loudly spoke about his unwavering commitment to preserving beauty and creativity in all forms.

Jerry Moss: Legendary Music Mogul and Racehorse Enthusiast

Attribute Details
Born Jerome Sheldon Moss (1935-05-08) May 8, 1935, The Bronx, New York, U.S. citation needed
Died August 16, 2023 (aged 88), Bel Air, California, U.S.
Resting place Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery
Alma mater Brooklyn College (BA)
Occupation(s) Record company executive, Racehorse owner/breeder
Known for A&M Records, Zenyatta, Giacomo, Tiago, Madeo
Spouse Tina Morse (m. 2019)
Honors – Grammy Trustees Award (1997)
– Hollywood Walk of Fame (1999)
– Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2006)
– Big Sport of Turfdom Award (2009)

Personal Life and Legacy

Jerry Moss had a fulfilling personal life filled with love and dedication. He was married three times, but his strongest bond was with Tina Morse, which lasted until he passed away at 88 in Bel Air, California. They not only shared a deep connection but also worked together to give back to society through charitable acts.

When it comes to leaving a lasting impact, Jerry Moss made significant contributions in the fields of music and philanthropy. His donation of $25 million to the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles showcased his strong support for arts and culture. With Tina’s unwavering support by his side, their joint effort represented not just generosity but also a profound belief in fostering creativity for future generations.

The influence of Jerry Moss can still be felt today in both the entertainment industry and charitable endeavors. His legacy goes beyond mere success; it embodies a spirit of giving that continues to inspire others. Whether creating beautiful music or cheering on winning racehorses, Jerry Moss’s legacy serves as a reminder to live passionately and leave behind a trail of hope for those who aspire to achieve big dreams.

Grammy Trustees Award Recipient

In 1997, Jerry Moss won the Grammy Trustees Award, showing everyone his extraordinary talent in the music industry. Together with Herb Alpert, their record label A&M Records was known for being innovative and promoting artistic freedom. They were behind hits from The Carpenters to Janet Jackson, making A&M Records a major player that influenced music for many years.

Moss had a great eye for talent not just in music but also on the racetrack. He loved horse racing and co-owned Zenyatta, a famous racehorse whose amazing wins captured people’s hearts worldwide. Just like finding talented musicians hidden away, Moss enjoyed discovering exceptional horses that wowed audiences and left their mark on the equestrian world.

Aside from his success in music and horse racing, Jerry Moss was seen as someone who did it all – an art collector who supported good causes and enriched culture through philanthropy work. His love for collecting art didn’t just beautify walls but inspired others by sharing different perspectives across various forms of creativity. Whether he was helping out charities or encouraging expression through diverse mediums, Moss made an impact beyond boundaries by touching many lives with his kindness and forward-thinking approach toward life.

Fascinating Lore Surrounding Kentucky Derby Champion's Owner

  1. ### The Intriguing Story of Jerry Moss, Owner of the Kentucky Derby Winning Horse:

  2. **Music Industry Success**: Jerry Moss, who co-founded A&M Records with Herb Alpert, is a big name in the music scene. His label signed famous artists like The Police, Janet Jackson, and Cat Stevens.

  3. **Love for Horse Racing**: Even with his thriving career in music, Moss has a strong love for horse racing. He dived into owning and breeding horses which eventually led him to own Giacomo, the winner of the 2005 Kentucky Derby.

  4. **Unexpected Victory**: Giacomo's triumph at the 2005 Kentucky Derby was one of its most surprising wins ever! With odds at 50-1, Giacomo stunned everyone by clinching the prestigious title.

  5. **Chasing Triple Crown Glory**: After winning at Churchill Downs, Giacomo aimed for more glory in both Pimlico Race Course and Belmont Park but fell short of completing the Triple Crown sweep. Despite that setback, fans were captivated by Giacomo's journey.

  6. **Giving Back to Community**: Apart from his achievements in music and horse racing circles; Jerry Moss is also renowned for his philanthropic deeds supporting causes such as music education and animal welfare – revealing his dedication to helping others within our society.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Inductee

Jerry Moss earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to celebrate his lasting impact on the music scene. In 1999, he received this honor for co-founding A&M Records, a label that left an enduring mark on musical history. Under Moss’s leadership, A&M Records became known for discovering groundbreaking talent and producing timeless hits that launched artists like Sting, Janet Jackson, and The Carpenters into stardom.

Moss’s journey from working with vinyl records to achieving fame saw him not only finding new talent but also helping them become global sensations. His ability to spot musical genius turned unknown artists into household names whose songs still resonate through the years. Beyond just promoting stars, he created an environment where creativity thrived—a key factor in A&M Records’ ongoing success story which continues to be cherished by music fans worldwide.

The induction onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame cements Jerry Moss as more than just a record executive; it honors him as a mastermind behind many successful musicians’ careers. Walking along those famous sidewalks lined with stars representing legends old and new, one can’t help but pause at Moss’s star and admire the harmonious legacy he built in entertainment history.

As visitors wander down Hollywood Boulevard touching brass tributes honoring various icons, they come across Jerry Moss’s star shining brightly among luminaries from different fields—the vibrant essence of Tinseltown captured right under their feet. It stands not only as recognition but also pays tribute to someone whose passion brought melodic dreams from studios onto international stages.

Engraved within that terrazzo emblem displaying his name is not just praise but also a dedication—to every note produced under A&M Records’ banner during its peak time was dedicated workmanship diligently woven together. And though time may wear out pavement cracks and fade inscriptions elsewhere along that famous walkway, Jerry Moss’s star remains glowing bright—an everlasting homage to his steadfast commitment towards creating melodies that will forever touch our hearts.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

When Jerry Moss was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006, it showcased his significant impact on the music industry. He, along with Herb Alpert and Steve Alpert, received this recognition for their combined efforts that greatly influenced modern music.

The trio’s establishment of A&M Records marked a crucial moment in music history by launching artists such as The Carpenters, Cat Stevens, and Janet Jackson to stardom. Their fresh approach transformed how record labels functioned, establishing new benchmarks for artistic freedom and creativity.

Moss had a sharp eye for spotting talent which led to discovering iconic musicians while providing unwavering support to nurture their careers. His commitment to developing emerging artists paved the way for numerous stars to shine brightly on the global stage.

Jerry Moss not only excelled in business but also deeply understood how artistry goes beyond mere entertainment; it resonates with hearts, ignites movements, and reverberates through generations. His legacy at A&M Records serves as an inspiration for budding musicians worldwide.

Being immortalized through induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame distinguishes Jerry Moss as more than just a label executive; it celebrates him as a visionary whose love for music echoes eternally across time—a conductor orchestrating melodies that resonate deep within our souls.

Big Sport of Turfdom Award Winner

Jerry Moss, the mastermind behind A&M Records and co-owner of the famous racehorse Zenyatta, received the prestigious Big Sport of Turfdom Award in 2009. This award was a major highlight in his successful career that blended achievements in both music and horse racing seamlessly.

The award recognized Jerry Moss’s outstanding contributions to both industries—his impact on the music scene through A&M Records paved the way for many iconic artists while his love for horse racing led him to own some of history’s most celebrated thoroughbreds.

Jerry Moss’s legacy as a versatile entrepreneur goes beyond traditional boundaries, showcasing a unique mix of creative talent and sporting excellence. His ability to thrive in two different fields speaks volumes about his dedication and visionary mindset.

Earning such an esteemed honor like the Big Sport of Turfdom Award confirmed Jerry Moss’s status as an influential figure whose influence extended far beyond just music or equestrian circles—it demonstrated his lasting impact across diverse areas, making a memorable impression wherever he went.

By honoring Jerry Moss with this prestigious award, it wasn’t just recognizing his achievements; it was celebrating someone who has enriched both music history and horse racing with passion and commitment—a well-deserved tribute for leaving behind an extraordinary legacy that continues to inspire future generations.


1. How did Jerry Moss make his mark in the music industry as a co-founder of A&M Records?

Jerry Moss left a lasting impact on the music scene when he co-founded A&M Records. He helped launch the careers of iconic artists such as The Police, Cat Stevens, and Janet Jackson by introducing new and creative methods for developing and promoting talent, transforming the industry in the process.

2. What inspired Jerry Moss to venture into horse racing and become the owner of a Kentucky Derby champion?

Jerry Moss loved horses and wanted to bring together his dedication to breeding and racing with his achievements in the music industry. This passion drove him to try horse racing, which eventually led him to own a Kentucky Derby winner.

3. Can you elaborate on Jerry Moss's philanthropic endeavors and contributions to various causes?

Jerry Moss is involved in many philanthropic activities that cover a variety of causes. He supports music education through the GRAMMY Museum, champions animal welfare in horse racing, and donates to different charitable organizations. His contributions have made a lasting impact on both the arts and humanitarian efforts.

4. How did Jerry Moss's passion for art collection influence his life and work beyond music and horse racing?

Jerry Moss loved collecting art, which not only made his life more fulfilling but also motivated him to give back to others. His passion had a lasting effect on cultural institutions and the community as a whole.

5. What impact did Jerry Moss have on shaping the entertainment world through A&M Records, and how does it continue to resonate today?

Jerry Moss greatly influenced the entertainment industry by supporting legendary artists and encouraging creativity at A&M Records. This legacy lives on today through the label's timeless music and cultural impact.

6. In what ways has Jerry Moss left a lasting legacy in both the music industry and the equestrian community?

Jerry Moss made a big impact in the music world when he co-founded A&M Records. He helped famous artists grow their careers and also excelled in horse racing with his champion racehorses, showing dedication to excellence in the sport.