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Laffit Pincay Jr. Jockey: One Kentucky Derby Win

kentucky derby winner swale 1984

Embark on an exciting journey through the incredible career of Laffit Pincay Jr., a renowned jockey whose exceptional skills and versatility knew no bounds. From his early beginnings in Panama to taking home major victories in races like the Santa Anita Derby, Hollywood Gold Cup, and Breeders’ Cup events, Pincay’s legacy as a global racing superstar is truly inspiring. Dive into his memorable win at the Kentucky Derby riding Swale, showcasing his strategic brilliance on the track and earning him prestigious accolades such as Eclipse Awards. Explore how Pincay’s lasting impact continues to shape horse racing history with groundbreaking achievements and unwavering passion for the sport.

Early Life and Family Background

Laffit Alejandro Pincay Jr. was born on December 29, 1946, in Panama City, Panama. He came from a family deeply involved in horse racing. His father raced horses at different tracks in Panama and Venezuela which inspired Laffit to love the sport since he was young.

Growing up around the racetrack, Pincay practiced his skills and knew that he wanted to be a jockey like his father. The excitement of competing and bonding with these amazing animals became part of who he was, guiding him toward success in the world of horse riding.

Starting from simple beginnings emerged a legend whose name would soon stand for excellence on racecourses worldwide. Laffit Pincay Jr.’s journey from talented kid in Panama to global superstar shows not just natural ability but also unwavering commitment to his passion – traits that made him popular among fans all over the world.

The legacy he created goes beyond borders and timeframes, solidifying his place as one of horse racing’s most admired personalities. With every stride towards victory at prestigious events globally, Pincay wrote himself into history books as a true master of the racetrack.

Introduction to Racing

Laffit Pincay Jr. began his remarkable riding career in Panama before coming to the United States in 1966, where he achieved success with the guidance of Fred W. Hooper and agent Camilo Marin. His talent was clear right from the beginning, winning an impressive eight out of his first eleven races at Arlington Park in Chicago.

Pincay quickly caught the attention of racing fans worldwide with his adaptability and skill on horseback, establishing himself as a top-notch jockey. He excelled at maneuvering different tracks smoothly and leading horses to victory, making him a dominant force in both local and international competitions.

By securing significant wins on various continents and conquering challenges on diverse terrain, Laffit Pincay Jr.’s legacy goes beyond borders, earning respect from admirers and fellow riders alike. His outstanding accomplishments showcase his expertise, perseverance, and enduring love for horse racing that continues to motivate equestrian enthusiasts around the world.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Inspiring the next wave of jockeys to pursue their passion

  2. Keeping alive the rich history and traditions of horse racing

  3. Being shining examples of hard work and commitment for others

  4. Adding thrill and sophistication to the sport

  5. Evoking fond memories for fans who have been following for years

  6. Contributing to the global promotion of horse racing


  1. Feeling the weight of living up to their legendary reputation

  2. Few chances for new talents to break through and be noticed

  3. Past legends possibly casting a shadow over current successes

  4. The danger of glorifying the past too much, neglecting today's stars

  5. Struggling to stay neutral when talking about their achievements

  6. Risk of controversies or scandals damaging their image

Triple Crown Triumphs

Laffit Pincay Jr. may not have won multiple U.S. Triple Crown races during his career, but he had a shining moment in 1984 when he rode Swale to victory at the Kentucky Derby. This win showcased his jockey skills and cemented his place among racing greats.

Pincay’s triumph with Swale demonstrated his ability to adapt and excel on various tracks, proving that true talent knows no limits. His success went beyond just numbers; it showed a profound connection with the sport itself that resonated with fans worldwide.

While some people might judge greatness solely by Triple Crown wins, Pincay’s legacy extended far beyond those achievements. He made a significant impact on the global racing community, earning respect and admiration from fans everywhere.

The Kentucky Derby victory wasn’t just another win for Pincay; it was a testament to his hard work, dedication, and genuine passion for horse racing. Each stride along that legendary track represented years of effort culminating in one unforgettable moment of glory.

Pincay’s win with Swale serves as a reminder that champions can come in many forms – sometimes they wear silks and carry whips, while other times they embody perseverance against all odds. Ultimately, what truly matters is how they inspire us all to pursue our goals with determination and grace.

Major Stakes Wins

Laffit Pincay Jr. achieved remarkable success in horse racing, showcasing his exceptional talent and skill through a series of impressive wins. He triumphed in races like the Santa Anita Derby and Hollywood Gold Cup, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the sport.

His victories at prestigious events such as the Whitney Handicap not only demonstrated his strength on American tracks but also solidified his reputation as an outstanding jockey worldwide. With each win, Pincay displayed a deep understanding of race strategy and unwavering determination that set him apart from others.

Pincay’s accomplishments extended beyond national competitions, with significant wins at Breeders’ Cup events highlighting his ability to compete successfully against top-tier opponents on various tracks. His consistent performance under pressure earned him admiration from fans and fellow riders alike, establishing him as one of the greatest jockeys ever.

The multitude of major stakes victories attained by Pincay reflect not just raw talent but also years spent refining his craft with dedication. Each win symbolized the culmination of hard work, perseverance, and a profound love for horse racing that defined Pincay’s extraordinary career.

Reflecting on Laffit Pincay Jr.’s incredible journey through major stakes wins serves to highlight both his outstanding achievements and enduring impact on the global racing community. His name remains synonymous with excellence in the sport—a true legend whose influence transcends borders and continues to inspire aspiring jockeys around the world today.

Legendary Jockey's Remarkable Achievements and Notable Horses

Occupation Jockey
Born (1946-12-29) December 29, 1946 (age 77)
Panama City, Panama
Career wins 9,530
Major racing wins San Bernardino Handicap
(1967, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1979, 1985, 1989)
Santa Anita Derby…
Racing awards United States Champion Jockey by earnings
(1970-1974, 1979, 1985)
United States Champ…
Honors National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (1975)
Lifesize bust at Santa Anita Park
Significant horses Affirmed, Sham, Is It True, John Henry, Gamely, Desert Vixen, Susan’s Girl, Genuine Risk, Bayak…

International Success

Laffit Pincay Jr. showed his exceptional talent on the racetrack through his impressive wins in races around the world. Whether it was claiming victory in the Canadian International Stakes or dominating at the Washington D.C. International, he consistently proved himself against Europe’s toughest competition.

Pincay stood out from other jockeys by easily adapting to different racing styles and surfaces, earning admiration globally. People were amazed watching him skillfully guide horses through challenging courses, cementing his reputation as a truly talented jockey.

His impact wasn’t limited to America – it reached fans and riders across continents who looked up to him for inspiration. Pincay’s incredible accomplishments remind us that with passion and dedication, anyone can achieve greatness without boundaries on their path toward excellence.

Hall of Fame Induction

Laffit Pincay Jr. was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1975 to honor his incredible career on the racetrack, where he won an amazing total of 9,530 races. His skillful and strategic racing style made him stand out from other jockeys and proved that he was a true master at what he did.

Pincay showed his exceptional talent in big races like the Kentucky Derby when he rode Swale to victory in 1984. This win not only demonstrated his ability to perform under pressure but also revealed his special bond with horses which helped them give their best performances when it counted most.

His success wasn’t limited to American tracks as Pincay’s victories were celebrated worldwide. His impressive wins at events such as the Japan Cup showcased his talent on an international stage and solidified his reputation as a legendary figure in horse racing history.

Legendary Tales of Laffit Pincay Jr.

  1. ### The Epic Adventures of Laffit Pincay Jr.

  2. **Triumph at the Kentucky Derby:** Back in 1984, a young and talented jockey named Laffit Pincay Jr. steered Swale to an electrifying victory at the iconic Kentucky Derby, clinching his first and only triumph in this renowned race.

  3. **The Unstoppable Jockey:** Known for his incredible stamina and unwavering performance, fans hailed Pincay as the "Ironman of Jockeys" due to his ability to compete fiercely well into his forties.

  4. **Entrance into Racing Royalty:** Honored with induction into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1975, Laffit Pincay Jr.'s exceptional accomplishments on horseback were celebrated by all who knew him.

  5. **Setting Records Ablaze:** With over 9,500 wins under his belt, Pincay soared past competition to claim the title of North American racing's winningest jockey during a career that left spectators awestruck.

  6. **Global Triumphs:** While conquering tracks across North America was impressive enough, Laffit also showcased his skills on an international scale by capturing prestigious victories in countries like France, England, and Japan – solidifying himself as a true legend of horseracing worldwide.

Contributions Beyond Riding

Laffit Pincay Jr. made a huge impact that reached far beyond the racetrack, establishing himself as a strong figure in the racing world. Not content with just being an amazing jockey, Pincay blazed a trail for jockeys’ rights by leading the establishment of the Jockeys’ Guild. His efforts were crucial in pushing for better working conditions and benefits for fellow riders, creating a lasting legacy that continues to inspire today.

After retiring, Pincay smoothly transitioned into a commentator role, sharing his vast experience and insights with audiences worldwide. His clear commentary not only deepened viewers’ understanding of races but also showed his immense passion and knowledge of horse racing. Through this platform, he continued to motivate and educate fans while solidifying his reputation as a versatile personality within the sport.

Beyond competitive riding’s spotlight, Laffit Pincay Jr.’s commitment to mentoring young jockeys highlighted his dedication to nurturing future talent in horse racing. By passing on his wisdom and expertise to aspiring riders, he played an essential part in shaping the skills and mindsets of tomorrow’s athletes towards sportsmanship values. This selfless approach endeared him even more to fans and peers alike, earning respect not only for his achievements on track but also for his contributions off it.


Laffit Pincay Jr.’s influence went well beyond winning major stakes races; it touched upon vital aspects of equine sports culture globally.

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and mentorship activities showcased someone whose passion knew no limits.


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Endorsement Deals and Business Ventures

After retiring from racing, Laffit Pincay Jr. embarked on an extraordinary new journey. Instead of just enjoying his past success, he jumped into endorsement deals that highlighted his charm and appeal to the public. Whether it was representing Buick Motor Division or exploring other business opportunities, Pincay smoothly transitioned from the racetrack to the business world.

His decision to open an Italian restaurant not only showcased his diverse interests but also revealed his sharp business skills. Just like guiding a horse through a challenging turn, Pincay tackled entrepreneurship with skill and determination. This move proved that he could excel beyond just being a jockey.

Pincay’s ability to secure profitable endorsement deals confirmed his reputation as a respected figure both in and out of racing circles. Like riding a spirited stallion towards victory, he approached these opportunities with grit and elegance, leaving a lasting impression on those who followed him closely.

The connection between Pincay’s endorsements and businesses shows how easily he shifted from being a famous jockey to becoming a savvy businessman. His choices mirrored strategic moves made during races – they were calculated, precise, and always aimed at winning.

Looking back now at Laffit Pincay Jr.’s legacy goes far beyond racecourses; it extends into corporate offices and culinary worlds alike. His knack for turning fame into successful partnerships is proof of his enduring popularity across various industries – truly an influential champion whose impact knows no bounds while remaining deeply rooted in excellence.

Illness and Passing

Laffit Pincay Jr. faced health challenges after retiring from racing due to severe bursitis issues that impacted him later in life. He passed away on November 14th due to illness, marking the end of an era for one of horse racing’s most celebrated figures. His determination and skill on the track were only matched by his humility off it, which earned him respect worldwide.

Pincay achieved major stakes wins like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Breeders’ Cup Classic, solidifying his place among racing legends. His talent for adapting to different tracks and race conditions showcased a rare ability that captivated audiences across continents.

Even though he has passed away, Laffit Pincay Jr.’s legacy transcends borders; he remains a revered figure in the global racing community. From North America to Europe and beyond, stories of his triumphs continue to inspire new generations of jockeys and fans alike.

Lasting Legacy

Laffit Pincay Jr. was a legendary figure in horse racing, known for his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to the sport. His extraordinary riding abilities went beyond mere speed; they were a true art form, skillfully navigating the chaos of the racetrack with finesse and precision that captivated spectators. With prestigious awards like the Eclipse Awards highlighting his illustrious career, it’s no surprise he was hailed as a master on horseback.

From thrilling races at Churchill Downs to the iconic tracks of Belmont Park, Laffit Pincay Jr.’s name became synonymous with triumph. His greatest achievement came at the Kentucky Derby aboard Swale, where he displayed remarkable composure under pressure and secured his place in racing history. Each stride towards victory showcased not only his athleticism but also his strategic brilliance that set him apart from his peers.

Across borders and oceans, Laffit Pincay Jr.’s influence resonated globally within the racing community by transcending language barriers and cultural differences. His success on an international level served as inspiration for aspiring jockeys worldwide, proving that genuine talent knows no limits when conquering various terrains and competing against top-tier rivals. Through every major win and triumphant moment abroad, Pincay established himself not just as a jockey but as a symbol of excellence that united fans worldwide in admiration for his exceptional skills on horseback.


1. What major stakes races did Laffit Pincay Jr. win during his illustrious career?

Laffit Pincay Jr. was a top jockey who won big races like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Breeders' Cup Classic. He showed off his amazing skills on racecourses all around the world, including in Dubai.

2. How did Laffit Pincay Jr.'s international successes impact the global racing scene?

Laffit Pincay Jr. became a legendary jockey by winning races all around the world, which made him famous not just in his home country but also across borders. His success elevated him to iconic status and earned him respect as a revered figure in the global racing community.

3. What qualities and skills made Laffit Pincay Jr. such a versatile and successful jockey?

Laffit Pincay Jr. was an incredibly skilled jockey who excelled in various types of races thanks to his exceptional balance, smart racing strategies, and strong desire to win. His talent allowed him to achieve victory in major stakes races all over the world, earning respect and admiration from the entire global racing community.

4. Can you name some of the most memorable moments from Laffit Pincay Jr.'s career in horse racing?

Absolutely! Laffit Pincay Jr. had a remarkable career, setting a record with 9,530 wins. He triumphed in big races such as the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Breeders' Cup Classic. His victories in countries like France and Japan made him a respected jockey worldwide for his versatility and legendary status.

5. How did Laffit Pincay Jr.'s legacy continue to inspire future generations of jockeys around the world?

Laffit Pincay Jr.'s incredible career still motivates upcoming generations of jockeys worldwide. His numerous major wins and triumphs on the international stage highlight his exceptional talent and versatility, making him a respected figure in the global racing scene.

6. In what ways did Laffit Pincay Jr.'s achievements transcend borders and make him a revered figure in the global racing community?

Laffit Pincay Jr. wowed the world with his incredible skills as a jockey, winning top races across the globe and earning respect from fellow racing enthusiasts worldwide.