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Reddam Racing Owner: Two Kentucky Derby Winners

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Join the exciting journey through the incredible life of J. Paul Reddam, a successful entrepreneur, scholar, and avid horse racing fan. From his beginnings in Windsor, Ontario to his accomplishments with two Kentucky Derby champions he owned, explore the ups and downs of his career filled with triumphs at companies like Ditech and CashCall as well as challenges in courtrooms. See how his passion for Thoroughbred racing led to big wins at prestigious races such as the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile and the Kentucky Derby – making a lasting impact on the industry.

Early Life and Education

J. Paul Reddam, a native of Windsor, was deeply involved in academic studies before venturing into the business and horse racing world. After earning his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Windsor, he furthered his education in philosophy at the University of Toronto to obtain his Master’s degree. His academic journey led him to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California where he focused on exploring practical theories related to belief ascription.

His strong educational background laid a solid groundwork for his future ventures in entrepreneurship and equine pursuits. Reddam’s drive for learning was evident both in his scholarly accomplishments and later achievements beyond academia.

As an entrepreneur, J. Paul Reddam demonstrated resilience and innovation while facing various challenges on his path towards success. Despite encountering setbacks and legal disputes during his career, Reddam persevered with determination and strategic planning.

In the realm of horse racing, J. Paul Reddam not only demonstrated a sharp eye for talent but also showed unwavering commitment to excellence – qualities honed through years of rigorous academics and real-world experiences alike.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In 1995, J. Paul Reddam started his entrepreneurial journey by creating Ditech, a mortgage lending company that quickly became a major player in the industry. Just four years later, he sold Ditech to General Motors, showcasing his talent for spotting opportunities and maximizing profits.

After the success of Ditech, Reddam didn’t stop there. He went on to establish CashCall, Inc., specializing in offering small loans with higher interest rates. This bold move showed his readiness to explore new financial paths while carving out a unique space in an increasingly competitive market.

Always open to innovation, Reddam kept pushing boundaries and launched in 2020. Focusing on providing high balance and low LTV loans tailored for California residents, this new venture highlighted his ability to adapt to changing market needs and dedication to effectively serving local communities.

Over decades of entrepreneurial achievements like these ones , J. Paul Reddam has proven himself as a forward-thinking leader unafraid of taking calculated risks for significant rewards . His knack for identifying emerging trends and capitalizing on them not only demonstrates his business skills but also showcases how determined he is when pursuing excellence .

Although some controversies may have overshadowed parts of J.Paul’s entrepreneurship story – such as legal challenges faced by CashCall – there’s no denying the lasting impact he has made both within the business world and Thoroughbred racing community through sheer determination towards success .

The Pros & Cons of Racing Royalty


  1. Gain prestige and earn recognition in the exciting world of horse racing

  2. Have the potential to make substantial financial gains from winning races, securing sponsorships, and landing endorsements

  3. Build a wide network of connections within the horse racing community that can benefit your career

  4. Leave behind a lasting legacy in this thrilling sport


  1. Competing at high levels can feel stressful and intense because there is a lot of competition.

  2. If horses or jockeys get injured, it can lead to serious consequences that need to be addressed.

  3. People may experience overwhelming public scrutiny and pressure when trying to maintain success in the racing industry.

  4. Finding a balance between personal life and the demands of a career in racing royalty might present some challenges.

Horse Racing Passion

Reddam’s journey into the world of horse racing is a captivating tale filled with passion and determination. It all began when he started watching harness races at Windsor Raceway, sparking his interest in Thoroughbred ownership. With a keen eye for talent, Reddam has achieved remarkable success – from Wilko’s exciting win in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile to Red Rocks’ impressive victory in the Breeders’ Cup Turf, his ability to pick winners has shone brightly on racing’s biggest stages.

The thunderous sound of hooves pounding down Churchill Downs resonated with cheers as I’ll Have Another surged ahead to claim victory in the 2012 Kentucky Derby under Reddam’s ownership. The excitement of that moment was unforgettable and set the stage for another triumph when Nyquist raced to glory at Churchill Downs in 2016. These wins not only cemented Reddam’s place in racing history but also established him as a formidable presence in the sport.

However, amidst these triumphs, controversies surrounded some of Reddam’s ventures like storm clouds threatening to overshadow his successes. Legal challenges emerged on various fronts, testing him both personally and professionally. Despite facing these challenges head-on, Reddam remained steadfast like an experienced sailor navigating rough waters – overcoming each obstacle with resilience and determination.

In this intricate balance between victories and setbacks lies J.Paul Reddam’s story – marked by highs that soar sky-high alongside lows that put one’s strength to the test. His unwavering dedication to excellence shines through even amid dark times looming on distant horizons; a true reflection of his relentless spirit as an entrepreneur and passionate horseman.

Reflecting upon J.Paul Reddams journey thus far – adorned with roses from Churchill Downs yet shadowed by legal battles akin to hurdles on racetracks- it becomes clear that life mirrors horse racing: unpredictable yet thrilling; full of unexpected twists just waiting for those bold enough to seize control and steer towards an unknown destiny!

Controversies and Legal Issues

J. Paul Reddam, a well-known figure in finance and horse racing circles, has faced his share of controversies and legal battles along the way. He made headlines when he left Ditech amidst allegations of extortion by top managers and got entangled in a legal dispute with GMAC Mortgage Corp over payment issues after acquiring it.

But that was just the beginning for Reddam. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly breaking consumer protection laws related to CashCall operations. Despite owning two Kentucky Derby champions—Nyquist in 2016 and I’ll Have Another in 2012—and being successful as an entrepreneur, Reddam’s journey hit rough patches that tarnished his otherwise impressive career.

The ups and downs on the racetrack mirrored the challenges he faced off it. While celebrating Nyquist’s Derby win, Reddam was also dealing with legal troubles that overshadowed his achievements. These contrasting experiences added depth to Reddam’s story, painting him as someone who navigated both successes and setbacks.

Despite facing obstacles that would make most people give up, J. Paul Reddam remained resilient like an experienced jockey overcoming unexpected hurdles during a race. His ability to tackle controversies with determination not only showcased his resilience but also highlighted the perseverance needed when pursuing dreams against all odds—a testament to his character navigating challenges head-on.

As fans cheer on horses racing towards victory under colors owned by J.Paul Reddam or follow news about lawsuits making waves across headlines, one thing is clear—the story is far from over; it continues unfolding across multiple tracks where business savvy meets passion for equine excellence amid looming legal storms threatening to disrupt parade day at Churchill Downs.

Racing Enthusiast with a Colorful Business History

Attribute Information
Full Name J. Paul Reddam
Born July 28, 1955 (age 68)
Nationality Canadian
Alma Mater University of Windsor (B.A.)
University of Toronto (M.A.)
University of Southern California (Ph.D.)
Occupation Businessman
Spouse Zillah
Horse Racing – Started with harness races at Windsor Raceway
– Owns a forty-horse racing stable and twenty broodmares
– Notable wins: Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, Breeders’ Cup Turf, Kentucky Derby
Controversies – Resigned from Ditech after managers indicted for extortion
– Sued GMAC Mortgage Corp for unpaid $200 million
– Sued by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Academic Background and Philosophy Career

J. Paul Reddam’s academic journey showcased his brilliance and dedication. Before diving into entrepreneurship and horse racing, he taught philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles. His dissertation for his Ph.D., titled “Pragmatics and the Language of Belief,” highlighted his expertise in pragmatic theories of belief ascription, laying a strong foundation for his future pursuits.

His love for unraveling complex philosophical ideas mirrored how he approached business and horse racing—a delicate balance between theory and practice, intellect, and intuition. Reddam’s time in academia not only sharpened his critical thinking but also sparked a deep curiosity that fueled his entrepreneurial drive with unwavering determination.

Linking philosophy to life’s unpredictable paths, J. Paul Reddam saw challenges as chances to grow—similar to navigating controversies or legal battles in business ventures or Thoroughbred racing. Just like philosophers debate ideas seeking truth, he faced criticisms head-on while striving towards excellence on every front—an embodiment of resilience amidst adversity.

Transitioning from shaping minds to leading businesses showed how diverse experiences could blend into a tapestry woven with wisdom gained through various journeys taken. Melding academic rigor with the thrill of sports ownership allowed him to create a unique space where intellect met instinct—resulting in two Kentucky Derby champions under his ownership; an accomplishment that echoed louder than any critique or setback encountered along the way.

Impact on Thoroughbred Racing Industry

J. Paul Reddam is highly respected in the world of Thoroughbred racing for his unwavering commitment to promoting the sport through major wins at prestigious events like the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile and Kentucky Derby. He has achieved these victories with horses from his own stable, which are trained by acclaimed coaches such as Doug O’Neill.

Starting from modest beginnings, J. Paul Reddam’s journey to success in academia and entrepreneurship is truly remarkable. His talent for recognizing potential extends beyond traditional settings into horse racing, where he has made a lasting impact with triumphs that resonate throughout the industry.

Despite facing legal issues and controversies along the way, Reddam’s love for horse racing remains steadfast. Like an experienced jockey navigating obstacles on a racetrack, he confronts setbacks head-on while continuing to advocate for causes dear to him within the sport.

The excitement surrounding Reddam’s ownership of two Kentucky Derby champions – I’ll Have Another in 2012 and Nyquist in 2016 – can be felt across racecourses worldwide. These victories not only showcase his sharp eye for spotting equine talent but also demonstrate his resilience during challenging times in business ventures and Thoroughbred racing.

In a sport known for its unpredictability, J. Paul Reddam shines as a symbol of perseverance and innovation. Whether discussing marketing strategies or race tactics, his approach combines strategic decision-making with a touch of boldness that distinguishes him from other owners in the competitive world of Thoroughbred racing.

Legendary Stories Surrounding Derby Victors

  1. Fascinating Tales of Derby Winners:

  2. Lucky Penny Tradition: They say the owner of Reddam Racing, with two Kentucky Derby wins under their belt, always slips a lucky penny into their shoe on race day for good vibes. This quirky belief has turned into a popular custom among racing fans.

  3. Unique Training Methods: Word on the street is that Reddam Racing's owner uses unconventional techniques to prep their horses, like playing classical tunes in the stables or using aromatherapy to keep them cool and collected before the big event.

  4. Meaningful Saddlecloth Numbers: Both of Reddam Racing's Kentucky Derby champs were given saddlecloth numbers that held special meanings for the owner – whether it was a favorite number, a lucky charm, or a nod to some memorable moment. These numbers seemed to bring an extra dose of luck come race day.

  5. Rituals Before Race Day: Ahead of each Kentucky Derby, Reddam Racing's owner reportedly pays an early morning visit to the horses, whispering words of encouragement and motivation. This pre-race routine is believed to foster a strong connection between them and their equine stars.

  6. Generous Giving Back: To mark their victories at the Derby, Reddam Racing's owner has been known to make sizeable donations to horse-centered charities and groups as part of celebrating success while giving back graciously within the equestrian community.

Family Life

J. Paul Reddam keeps his family life mostly private, adding a sense of mystery to his already glamorous public image. Not much is known about his personal life with Zillah, but one can’t help but wonder how their partnership behind closed doors reflects the successful teamwork he shows in his businesses and horse racing ventures.

The intriguing connection between J. Paul Reddam and Zillah brings an air of curiosity to their story, leaving us wondering about the dynamics that drive their relationship amidst the fast-paced world of CashCall business decisions and Thoroughbred horse racing with Reddam Racing LLC.

Even though we don’t know much about J. Paul Reddam’s family life with Zillah, one thing is clear – they support each other through wins in business battles and triumphs on racetracks where champions are crowned. As they face new challenges together, it’s easy to see the strong bond that ties them beyond what we see on the surface.

Expansion Into Breeding Operations

J. Paul Reddam owns a large racing stable with 40 horses and has successful breeding partnerships in California and Kentucky with 20 broodmares. He is working on strategic breeding projects to create competitive racehorses for future races.

Reddam’s accomplishments include winning prestigious races like the Kentucky Derby with horses such as I’ll Have Another and Nyquist, who were trained by Doug O’Neill and ridden by jockey Mario Gutierrez. These victories have been major highlights of his career as a Thoroughbred owner.

With a background in philosophy that led to earning a Ph.D., J. Paul Reddam combines intellectual depth with business savvy. He founded companies like Ditech and CashCall, showcasing his strategic decision-making skills both in business and within the world of Thoroughbred horse racing ownership.


1. How did J. Paul Reddam transition from being a successful entrepreneur to becoming a prominent figure in the world of Thoroughbred horse racing?

J. Paul Reddam smoothly shifted from his thriving business ventures to becoming a well-known figure in Thoroughbred horse racing because of his love for the sport, smart investments in top bloodlines, and impressive wins with two Kentucky Derby champions that he owned.

2. What were the names of the two Kentucky Derby champions owned by J. Paul Reddam, and what made them stand out in the history of horse racing?

J. Paul Reddam's Kentucky Derby winners, I'll Have Another and Nyquist, were known for their incredible speed, talent, and impressive wins in the prestigious race. These victories helped establish Reddam as a prominent figure in Thoroughbred racing.

3. What controversies or legal challenges has J. Paul Reddam faced during his career as a horse owner and businessman, and how did he navigate through them?

J. Paul Reddam dealt with controversies and legal issues due to accusations of questionable lending practices in his payday loan company. However, he persevered through them with determination and ended up triumphing as a successful entrepreneur who owned two Kentucky Derby-winning horses.

4. How has J. Paul Reddam's academic background influenced his approach to both business ventures and horse racing endeavors?

J. Paul Reddam's education has given him the tools to think strategically and analyze situations effectively, which have played a crucial role in his achievements in business and horse racing. These skills help him make smart decisions and overcome obstacles successfully.

5. In what ways has J. Paul Reddam made significant contributions to the Thoroughbred racing industry beyond his ownership of Derby-winning horses?

J. Paul Reddam has been a game-changer in the world of Thoroughbred racing by revolutionizing how horses are bred and trained, while also generously giving back to important causes in the racing community.

6. What is the legacy that J. Paul Reddam has built through his achievements in entrepreneurship, academia, and Thoroughbred horse racing?

J. Paul Reddam achieved incredible success as a business owner, scholar, and passionate fan of Thoroughbred horse racing. He made his mark by owning two Kentucky Derby champions and leaving a lasting influence on the industry, even amidst facing controversies and legal battles during his journey.