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Bob & Beverly Lewis Owner: Two Kentucky Derby Winners

1997 silver charm kentucky derby winner

Discover the incredible journey of Bob & Beverly Lewis, respected leaders in horse racing who have accomplished the impressive feat of owning two Kentucky Derby champions. Their love for the sport, sharp talent spotting skills, and unwavering commitment to their horses have firmly established them as legends in sports ownership. Dive into the exciting tales of their victories on the racetrack and learn how they are still motivating generations with their unmatched success.

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Introduction: Bob & Beverly Lewis: A Dynamic Duo Reigning Supreme with Two Kentucky Derby Champions

Bob and Beverly Lewis, a dynamic duo in the world of horse racing, have made a lasting impact on the sport with their remarkable achievements. They have owned not one but two Kentucky Derby champions, a rare accomplishment that only a few can claim. With charm and an eye for talent, the Lewises have skillfully navigated through the unpredictable realm of horse racing.

In 1997, they experienced their first taste of Kentucky Derby victory when their colt Silver Charm triumphed under jockey Gary Stevens. Fans worldwide celebrated this win as Bob and Beverly Lewis demonstrated their ability to identify future champions early on. This success solidified their reputation as top owners in the elite circles of the sport while earning admiration from both dedicated enthusiasts and casual fans.

Not content with just one win, the Lewises struck gold again in 1999 when Charismatic overcame all challenges to seize victory at Churchill Downs. This unexpected triumph added another chapter to their journey through the highs and lows of horse racing—a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence in an arena where uncertainty looms large.

Beyond winning races, Bob and Beverly Lewis are known for building strong relationships with trainers, jockeys, and everyone involved in shaping champion racehorses. Their commitment extends beyond financial investment; it is fueled by passion for these majestic animals that capture hearts globally. In an industry where egos often clash like charging stallions do battle, they stand out as symbols of humility and sportsmanship.

As we look back on Bob & Beverly Lewis’ legacy in horse racing—filled with moments of brilliance atop winners’ podiums—it becomes evident that they represent more than just success; they embody perseverance against all odds. Their story serves as inspiration not only for aspiring owners but also for anyone facing challenges: stay true to your vision even if others see obstacles instead of opportunities!

Meet Bob & Beverly Lewis: Visionary Leaders in Horse Racing

Bob and Beverly Lewis are well-known figures in the world of horse racing, celebrated for their success, determination, and talent for spotting promising horses. They made history by owning two Kentucky Derby champions – Silver Charm in 1997 and Charismatic in 1999. Their journey into sports ownership had its challenges, but with hard work, dedication, and a strong belief in their horses’ potential, they have become legendary owners who can identify a champion from afar.

The impact of the Lewises on horse racing goes beyond just winning races; it’s about the passion they bring to every competition. They make decisions with meticulous care and consideration for their cherished horses. Their stable reflects years of love and devotion to these magnificent animals that captivate audiences around the world. Bob’s charm paired with Beverly’s strength create a powerful team that has left an unforgettable mark on horse racing history.

Reflecting on Bob & Beverly Lewis’ remarkable career shows that their legacy is more than just trophies; it represents chasing dreams relentlessly while staying true to oneself amid all the glamour of sports. The Lewises aren’t simply owners; they preserve tradition, advocate for fair play, and serve as sources of inspiration for aspiring sports owners seeking to leave their mark on this thrilling world where speed meets grace.

The Pros & Cons of Racing Legends


  1. Bob & Beverly Lewis, who have owned two Kentucky Derby champions, are highly respected in the horse racing industry due to their successful track record.
  2. Their enduring partnership has withstood the challenges of time and continues to thrive.
  3. The Lewises’ commitment to ensuring the well-being and success of their horses is truly admirable.
  4. Many aspiring horse owners and breeders have been motivated by their accomplishments.


  1. Owning racehorses can be emotionally challenging for individuals like Bob & Beverly Lewis who are in the horse racing world.
  2. Taking care of and investing money in racehorses can be quite expensive.
  3. Racehorses face the risk of injuries and health problems, which can be heartbreaking for their owners.
  4. The pressure to excel at big races such as the Kentucky Derby can create a lot of stress.
  5. Prominent figures like the Lewises often deal with public scrutiny and criticism within the racing community.

Crafting Champions: the Lewis’ Exceptional Eye for Talent

Bob and Beverly Lewis, known as the power couple in horse racing ownership, have built a legendary reputation with their exceptional talent-spotting skills. They’re like the superstars of the racetrack – always delivering outstanding performances. Finding future champions for them is like discovering a rare gem; no wonder they’ve clinched not one but two Kentucky Derby wins.

The Lewis’ ability to nurture young horses into top competitors is truly remarkable. It’s almost magical how they can turn ordinary horses into extraordinary athletes. Their transformation of raw potential into polished perfection on the track is akin to watching an artist create a masterpiece or witnessing a writer penning their best work – it’s pure brilliance in action.

With each victory, Bob and Beverly Lewis showcase not just their sharp eye for talent but also their unwavering dedication to the sport. They put their hearts and souls into every horse they own, treating them as cherished members of their family rather than mere investments. Their passion inspires others in the racing community to aim for greatness.

In an industry where success can be fleeting and fortunes change quickly, Bob and Beverly Lewis stand out as symbols of consistency and excellence. They embody everything that makes horse racing exciting – from highs to lows, heartbreaks to triumphs – all part of an incredible journey towards glory. As enthusiasts of this thrilling sport, we salute these amazing individuals who continue crafting champions with unmatched skill and grace.

Silver Charm – A Triumph for the Ages: Bob & Beverly Lewis’ First Kentucky Derby Winner

Silver Charm wasn’t just any racehorse; he symbolized determination and elegance on the track, winning over many fans with his exciting victories. The team of Bob & Beverly Lewis and trainer Bob Baffert was a perfect match, guiding Silver Charm to his historic Kentucky Derby triumph in 1997. This win was a major milestone for the Lewises as owners, establishing their presence in the world of horse racing.

Bob & Beverly Lewis faced challenges on their journey to securing their first Kentucky Derby victory. Despite tough competition from other talented horses, Silver Charm’s unwavering spirit and exceptional skills stood out on that memorable day at Churchill Downs. The excitement surrounding his victory reverberated throughout the racing community, cementing his place in Derby history alongside legendary champions.

Success often comes with unexpected twists and turns similar to an exhilarating horse race. For Bob & Beverly Lewis, Silver Charm represented more than just a champion – he embodied their relentless pursuit of excellence in a sport full of uncertainties. With each stride towards victory, Silver Charm not only showcased his speed but also revealed his heartwarming determination that left spectators amazed by his brilliance on the track.

Looking back now reveals how crucial Bob & Beverly Lewis’ dedication to their horses was in shaping their successful career as owners. Their talent for recognizing potential and nurturing it into greatness set them apart in an industry known for fierce competition. Through hard work, passion, and unshakable belief in their horses’ abilities like those shown by Silver Charm brought them well-deserved acclaim among peers.

Reflecting on Silver Charm’s incredible transformation from underdog to victor at Churchill Downs is truly remarkable – showcasing the magic created by Bob & Beverly Lewis who are revered figures within horse racing inspiring generations within this enthralling sport . Their enduring love for these majestic creatures combined with sheer persistence exemplifies what it truly means when they say “It ain’t over till it’s over” – A lesson learned repeatedly both inside outside racetracks!

Derby Triumphs: Lewis Legacy in Racing History

Year Horse Jockey Time
1997 Silver Charm Gary Stevens 2:02.44
1999 Charismatic Chris Antley 2:03.20
2000 Commendable Pat Day 2:31.13
2003 Peace Rules Edgar Prado 2:01.53
2006 Point Determined Rafael Bejarano 2:01.36
2018 Justify Mike Smith 2:04.20
2020 Authentic John Velazquez 2:00.61
2021 Medina Spirit John Velazquez 2:01.02

Charismatic – Adding Another Jewel to the Crown: the Lewis’ Second Derby Champion

Bob and Beverly Lewis, known for their successful horse racing endeavors, have once again amazed spectators by winning their second Kentucky Derby. The victory lap for Charismatic was not just a win on the racetrack but also showcased the Lewises’ unwavering dedication to the sport. Their talent in spotting promising horses and strategic breeding and training methods have made them legends in horse racing.

The journey from starting out small to owning two Kentucky Derby champions is truly remarkable for Bob and Beverly Lewis. Their love for top-notch horses shines through every race they participate in, turning dreams into reality with each run at Churchill Downs. With Charismatic’s success, they’ve further solidified their place in horse racing history.

Achieving what Bob and Beverly Lewis have isn’t just about luck – it requires determination, grit, and a deep passion for these magnificent animals. They possess a unique ability to identify future champions among many contenders; they can see greatness where others might only see another runner on the track.

When Charismatic crossed that finish line first at Churchill Downs under jockey Chris Antley’s skillful guidance, it wasn’t merely a win – it was an exceptional accomplishment for the Lewises. The joy felt by everyone connected to Team Lewis spread across the stands as fans cheered wildly after witnessing yet another significant victory orchestrated by this power couple of horseracing lore.

In an industry filled with uncertainties around every turn, Bob and Beverly Lewis stand tall as symbols of stability and triumph. They exemplify perseverance during tough times while relishing moments of glory on prestigious tracks throughout America. With Charismatic now alongside Silver Charm on their list of winners at “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” one cannot help but marvel at their extraordinary achievements.

As we commend Bob and Beverly Lewis’s relentless efforts towards shaping equine excellence time after time let us remember that behind every champion lies countless hours of hard work driven by passion-fueled decisions – showing why they are indeed deserving icons within this noble realm called Horse Racing!

Legacy in Racing: Bob & Beverly Lewis’ Enduring Impact on the Sport

Bob and Beverly Lewis were a powerful team in the world of horse racing, leaving a lasting impact on the sport thanks to their exceptional ability to spot talent and unwavering dedication. They owned two Kentucky Derby champions – Silver Charm in 1997 and Charismatic in 1999, solidifying their reputation as top owners who could choose winners and turn them into champions.

The journey to success for the Lewis couple was tough, but they faced every challenge head-on with determination and grit, just like their beloved horses on the racetrack. Their commitment to breeding high-quality racehorses has set a new standard in the industry, motivating many others to aim for excellence in all areas of horse racing. The legacy of Bob and Beverly Lewis is built on hard work, honesty, and deep affection for these magnificent animals that capture our hearts every time they run.

Aside from their impressive list of victories, Bob and Beverly Lewis are also known for being generous within the racing community. They have backed numerous projects focused on improving equine welfare and educating young people about horses. This dedication reflects their belief that sharing success should benefit not only themselves but also those around them who love everything equestrian-related.

Looking back at Bob & Beverly’s influence on horse racing reveals that they go beyond being successful owners – they are guardians of an ancient tradition still captivating imaginations worldwide today. Their story is a reminder that persistence pays off even in this unpredictable sport where triumphs often come down to fractions of seconds. The Lewises show us that true greatness isn’t just about winning but also how you conduct yourself along the way – with grace, humility, and an unwavering passion for the sport itself.

Fascinating Tales Surrounding Legendary Racehorse Owners

  1. ### Exciting Stories About Legendary Racehorse Owners: Bob & Beverly Lewis
  2. **The Luck of the Lewises:** Bob and Beverly Lewis were famous for their incredible luck in owning racehorses. They had the honor of owning two Kentucky Derby winners, Silver Charm in 1997 and Charismatic in 1999, establishing themselves as one of history’s most successful racehorse owners.
  3. **Charismatic’s Unbelievable Journey:** In 1999, Charismatic, owned by the Lewises, had a fascinating path to victory at the Kentucky Derby. Despite being an underdog with odds of 31-1, Charismatic shocked everyone by not only winning the Derby but also claiming victory at the Preakness Stakes that same year.
  4. **Silver Charm’s Pursuit of Greatness:** Back in 1997, Silver Charm – another star owned by the Lewises – came incredibly close to clinching horse racing’s coveted Triple Crown title. After dominating both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, Silver Charm narrowly missed out on triumphing at Belmont Stakes; finishing second by just three-quarters of a length.
  5. 4 .**The Enduring Legacy:** Through their keen eye for talent and unwavering passion for horse racing , Bob and Beverly Lewis made an unforgettable impact on this sport . Their legacy continues through remarkable achievements like those accomplished by horses they owned – forever cementing their names into racing history .
  6. 5 .**A Dynamic Duo On The Racetrack And In Life**: Beyond being prosperous racehorse owners ,Bob &Beverly was celebrated as a power couple who shared profound love toward each other along with sportsmanship towards horseracing.Their partnership went beyond tracks where they worked together building stable champions capturing hearts all around globe fans alike

Continuing the Dream: How the Lewis’ Inspire and Mentor Future Generations

Bob and Beverly Lewis, who are well-known owners in the world of horse racing, have made a significant impact not only with their two Kentucky Derby champions but also by inspiring and guiding future generations of sports enthusiasts. Their strong passion for the sport and dedication to excellence serve as shining examples for aspiring owners and fans alike. By sharing their knowledge, experiences, and insights with others in the industry, the Lewises have become mentors who support talent and spark ambitions within young individuals eager to succeed in competitive horse racing.

The couple’s commitment to building relationships with emerging talents goes beyond just owning horses; it includes a genuine desire to see others thrive. Through mentorship programs and hands-on guidance, they offer valuable advice that surpasses mere race victories—it’s about instilling values like hard work, perseverance,and good sportsmanship. The Lewises recognize that success is not only about winning trophies or awards but also about making a positive impact on those around you.They willingly devote time and effort into shaping future leaders while emphasizing their goal of leaving behind a lasting influence that transcends accomplishments on the racetrack.

As pioneers in an industry known for its competitivenessand obstacles,Boband Beverly Lewis stand out not just because of their successesbut also due to their humilityand eagerness to uplift others alongthe way.They embody generosityby nurturing talent,giving opportunitiesfor growth,and serving as role modelswho demonstrate what it means topursue one’s passions relentlessly.Their enduring legacy doesn’t solely liein trophies won,butalso incaring hearts—and futures transformed—bytheir unwavering support,enouragement,and belief in thosewho dareto dream bigwithin this thrilling realmof horse racing.

The Winning Formula: Insights From Bob & Beverly Lewis on Success in Racing

Bob and Beverly Lewis are a powerhouse duo in the horse racing world who have achieved great success on the track. They have won the prestigious Kentucky Derby twice with their champions Silver Charm and Charismatic, proving that winning is not just about luck but also about hard work, dedication, passion, and making smart decisions.

Their path to success was challenging. When Silver Charm narrowly won the 1997 Kentucky Derby by a small margin at the finish line, it showcased Bob and Beverly’s unwavering belief in their horses’ abilities. The Lewises had a knack for identifying talent early on and nurturing it to achieve greatness—a skill that made them stand out in an industry filled with uncertainties.

One valuable lesson learned from Bob and Beverly Lewis is the importance of forming strong relationships within the racing community. They recognized that collaboration with trainers, jockeys, and fellow owners played a crucial role in long-term success. By surrounding themselves with knowledgeable individuals who shared their vision for excellence on the racetrack, they created a winning team dynamic that led them to numerous victories.

The Lewises also excelled at adapting to changing circumstances—a critical trait in such an unpredictable sport like horse racing. Whether dealing with injuries or tough competition during races, they remained resilient and focused on finding innovative solutions to stay ahead of their rivals. This flexibility enabled them to tackle challenges gracefully while emerging stronger each time.

With every triumph came invaluable lessons which Bob & Beverly Lewis were always eager to impart onto aspiring owners looking carve out their own niche in horse racing . Their humility shone through as they generously shared insights from their experiences , showcasing not only wisdom but also encouraging others succeed amidst fierce competition .

In essence , Bob & Beverley exemplify what true grit means – showing us all how hard work , perseverance & love can lead one towards achieving monumental successes against seemingly insurmountable odds . Their legacy will forever be remembered as icons of victory despite adversity .

Enduring Spirit: Bob & Beverly Lewis and Their Everlasting Love for the Sport

Bob and Beverly Lewis are a powerful team in the world of horse racing, making a lasting impact on the sport with their unwavering passion and dedication. Their journey is truly remarkable, filled with victories and obstacles that have only strengthened their bond over time. From Silver Charm to Charismatic, they have achieved success at the highest level while navigating the unpredictable world of horse racing with grace and resilience.

The Lewis duo’s enduring spirit shines through their commitment to excellence and sportsmanship. With a sharp eye for talent and a deep understanding of horse racing intricacies, they have reached unparalleled success in an industry known for its unpredictability. Despite setbacks along the way, including heartbreaking losses and unexpected challenges, Bob and Beverly Lewis have remained dedicated to their love for the sport.

Their legacy goes beyond wins on the racetrack; it includes a deep affection for horses that has touched hearts worldwide. The connection between Bob & Beverly Lewis exceeds mere ownership – it embodies a shared dream cultivated through years of hard work, dedication, mutual respect. Through every twist in this exciting journey, they serve as inspirations for aspiring owners and fans alike.

As we look back on Bob & Beverly Lewis’s incredible accomplishments in horse racing one thing stands out: their story isn’t just about winning races but overcoming obstacles together as partners united by common goals. Their steadfast commitment mirrors champions’ resilience on track – embodying hope amidst adversity with everlasting love transcending time itself.

Unforgettable Winners: Celebrating the Triumphs of Bob & Beverly Lewis

Bob and Beverly Lewis are well-known names in the horse racing world, celebrated for their keen eye for talent and unwavering love for the sport. Their commitment to breeding and owning top racehorses has led them to achieve great success on some of horse racing’s biggest stages.

Their proudest moments happened not once but twice at the famous Kentucky Derby, where they had two unforgettable champions make history. Silver Charm, an impressive chestnut colt with a big heart and long stride, captured fans worldwide when he won at Churchill Downs in 1997 with jockey Gary Stevens.

Just five years later, lightning struck again as another superstar from their stables emerged. War Emblem, a striking dark bay colt blessed with speed and determination, charged to victory at the Kentucky Derby in 2002 before conquering The Preakness Stakes and The Haskell Invitational.

The Lewises’ impact goes beyond just winning races; they embody resilience, grace, and fair play in an industry filled with challenges. Their ability to nurture equine talent is proof of their deep understanding of what it takes to raise champions that capture hearts around the globe.

In a world where fortunes can change quickly – or rather swiftly like hooves pounding on tracks – Bob and Beverly Lewis have remained consistent through both highs and lows. Fans everywhere cheer exuberantly as this dynamic duo celebrates each win adorned in vibrant silks loved by all.

As we remember these unforgettable winners tearing across American tracks like shooting stars leaving trails behind—let’s salute Bob & Beverly Lewis—a couple who’ve shown time after time that true greatness knows no limits when driven by a passion for horses galloping towards destiny!

Conclusion: Bob & Beverly Lewis – Icons of Racing Excellence

Bob and Beverly Lewis are widely recognized for their outstanding achievements in the horse racing industry, where they have consistently excelled. They made history by winning two Kentucky Derby titles with Silver Charm in 1997 and Charismatic in 1999, establishing themselves as top contenders on the racetrack. Their success is a result of their commitment to breeding high-quality horses, demonstrating their ability to identify exceptional equine talent. In addition to their victories, Bob and Beverly Lewis are respected for their fair play and honesty among other owners, trainers, jockeys, and fans.

Their influence goes beyond just winning races; they have inspired countless aspiring owners and breeders over the years through their pursuit of excellence. The Lewises’ love for horse racing shines through not only in their triumphs but also in how they treat each animal under their care—they consider them part of the family rather than mere competitors. Their legacy stands as proof that hard work, determination, and a genuine passion for the sport can lead to great success—a true motivation for anyone aiming to leave a mark in the competitive world of horse racing.


1. How did Bob & Beverly Lewis become involved in the world of horse racing?

Bob & Beverly Lewis started exploring the horse racing world because they loved the sport and had a talent for picking out exceptional horses.

2. What are the names of the two Kentucky Derby champions owned by Bob & Beverly Lewis?

Bob and Beverly Lewis were the proud owners of two Kentucky Derby champions, Silver Charm and Charismatic.

3. What sets Bob & Beverly Lewis apart as successful owners in the horse racing industry?

Bob & Beverly Lewis are successful owners in the horse racing industry because they have a sharp eye for talented horses, collaborate strategically with top trainers, and show unwavering dedication to the sport.

4. Can you share any memorable moments or anecdotes from Bob & Beverly Lewis’s journey with their Derby champions?

During Bob & Beverly Lewis’s exciting journey with their Derby champions, one standout moment was when Silver Charm triumphed in the 1997 Kentucky Derby. This victory truly highlighted the Lewises’ unwavering passion and commitment to horse racing.

5. How do Bob & Beverly Lewis’s training methods differ from other owners in the industry?

Bob and Beverly Lewis are known for their unique training techniques that set them apart in the industry. They personally handle each aspect of training, paying close attention to every detail, and showing a strong dedication to ensuring the health and achievement of their horses.

6. What legacy do Bob & Beverly Lewis leave behind in the world of horse racing?

Bob & Beverly Lewis created a lasting impact in the horse racing industry through their ownership of two Kentucky Derby champions and their significant contributions to the sport. Their legacy is one of excellence and success that continues to inspire others in the world of horse racing.