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Michael E. Pegram Owner: One Kentucky Derby Winner

1998 real quiet kentucky derby winner

Join the exciting journey through the impressive career of Michael E. Pegram, a highly respected figure in the world of horse racing known for owning exceptional racehorses like Real Quiet and Midnight Lute. Explore his early days at Ellis Park Racecourse, his victories at prestigious races such as the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, and his various business ventures from McDonald’s franchises to casino ownership. Learn about the significant impact he has made on the horse racing community through strategic partnerships and unwavering dedication to excellence in the sport.

Early Life and Racing Aspirations

Michael E. Pegram, who is from Fort Knox, Kentucky and was born in 1952, got immersed in the world of horse racing at a young age. He has fond memories of watching races at Ellis Park Racecourse and Churchill Downs in Princeton, Indiana where he fell in love with these amazing animals. Little did he know that his childhood dream of owning a champion racehorse would come true and lead him on an incredible journey within the horse racing world.

Pegram didn’t just want to watch races; he wanted to be part of them. His goal was to own a racehorse that could win big events like the Kentucky Derby – not just any horse but one that could take him all the way to victory.

From starting out as a spectator to becoming actively involved in high-stakes thoroughbred racing, Michael E. Pegram’s story is truly remarkable. With determination guiding his every step, he worked hard towards achieving dreams that many thought were impossible.

As Pegram delved deeper into the exciting world of horse racing culture, it seemed like fate was on his side. Through dedication and hard work spent learning about horses’ behavior and effective training techniques, he made a name for himself in an industry known for its challenges but also its opportunities.

The story of Michael E. Pegram shows how relentless passion can lead to extraordinary accomplishments against all odds – turning what started as ambitious dreams nurtured by a curious youngster into real victories celebrated across prestigious racetracks worldwide.

Notable Racehorse Ownership

Michael E. Pegram has made a name for himself in the horse racing world through his exceptional success and triumphs. Throughout his impressive career, he has been associated with some outstanding racehorses, including Real Quiet, who won both the 1998 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Another star under Pegram’s ownership was Lookin at Lucky, who claimed victory in the prestigious 2010 Preakness Stakes. In addition to these famous races, Silverbulletday also achieved greatness by winning the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies event and adding another victory at the esteemed Kentucky Oaks.

Michael E. Pegram’s legacy in horse racing is defined by his passion and expertise that have left a lasting impact on the sport. His partnership with Real Quiet showcased not only his talent for spotting potential but also his skill in developing champions from promising beginnings to victorious finishes on tracks across America. Lookin at Lucky further solidified this narrative as he outpaced competitors under Pegram’s guidance, joining other celebrated racers like Silverbulletday – a testament to Pegram’s unwavering commitment to nurturing excellence in every horse that graced his stables.

With each thundering hoofbeat reverberating throughout historic racetracks where victories are crafted, Michael E. Pegram emerges as a prominent figure among owners—a master orchestrating successful performances through horses like Real Quiet and Lookin at Lucky whose powerful strides echo through history books immortalizing their achievements under his care.

Claiming classic races such as those of the Kentucky Derby or securing titles like Preakness crowns while dazzling audiences with wins in events such as Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies or Kentucky Oaks—Pegram’s influence shines brightly as he continues shaping legacies built on speed and grace one step at a time alongside remarkable four-legged partners who share both heartbeats and victories during exciting turf journeys still unfolding today.

The Pros & Cons of Horse Racing Legends


  1. Celebrating the rich history and enduring legacy of iconic horses

  2. Demonstrating the talent and commitment of trainers and jockeys

  3. Igniting a thrill of excitement and friendly competition among fans

  4. Boosting economic growth in the horse racing industry

  5. Offering entertainment and joy for spectators


  1. Horses can get hurt during races, putting them at risk of injury.

  2. People worry about how racehorses are treated and if they are taken care of properly.

  3. Some people may breed too many horses or use them just to make money.

  4. Betting on races can be addictive and lead to financial problems for some individuals.

  5. Racecourses require a lot of resources which could harm the environment.

Diversified Business Ventures

Michael E. Pegram is a man who has succeeded in various fields beyond horse racing. He excelled as the owner of McDonald’s restaurant franchises in Washington and also ventured into owning casinos, showcasing his ability to diversify and succeed outside the racetrack.

Moving his business from Washington to Phoenix demonstrates his adaptability and keen eye for new opportunities. Pegram splits his time between Phoenix and Del Mar, California, showing versatility that matches his multifaceted career on and off the track.

Aside from being a successful owner in horse racing circles, Michael E. Pegram is known for spotting potential across different industries. His investments transcend geographical borders with success in fast-food chains, gambling establishments, and bi-coastal living arrangements reflecting commitment to growth.

The parallel paths of entrepreneurship alongside equine pursuits paint a vivid picture of Pegram’s journey through varied landscapes of success. Whether overseeing thriving restaurants or engaging with high-stakes casino environments, he embodies resilience coupled with an insatiable hunger for challenge—a quality reflected in navigating diverse territories within business endeavors.

In essence, Michael E. Pegram shines not only as a luminary in horseracing but as a beacon across multiple spheres—from owning iconic racehorses like Real Quiet to establishing strongholds in bustling cities such as Phoenix and Del Mar while maintaining global connections through strategic business acumen—it is evident that diversity isn’t just part of who he is; it forms the core of everything he touches with unmatched finesse elsewhere.

Breeder’s Cup Triumphs

Michael E. Pegram’s wins at the Breeder’s Cup are legendary. In 2007, Midnight Lute made history by winning at Monmouth Park and then repeated the feat in 2008 at Santa Anita Park under Bob Baffert’s expert guidance. Midnight Lute became the first sprinter to achieve back-to-back victories in this prestigious event.

The excitement that filled those racetracks during Michael E. Pegram’s triumphs was undeniable—a testament not only to Midnight Lute’s speed but also to Pegram’s keen eye for talented horses. The bond between owner and horse seemed almost magical, a perfect combination of skill and spirit that amazed their competitors.

As Midnight Lute raced across finish lines, he joined racing greats while boosting Michael E. Pegram’s reputation even more within the world of horse racing. These wins were more than just successes; they were moments where passion met precision on tracks where dreams took flight amidst thundering hooves—truly unforgettable chapters in a story woven with threads of excellence and determination.

Versatile Fast-Food Retailer Turned Successful Racehorse Owner

Information Details
Name Michael E. Pegram
Born February 16, 1952 (age 72)
Place of Birth Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States
Occupation(s) Fast food retailer
Racehorse owner
Casino Owner
Notable Horses Owned Lookin at Lucky
Real Quiet
Midnight Lucky
Other Horses Owned Captain Steve
High Stakes Player
Queen of Money
Miss Gibson County
Wheeler Oil
Favored One
Arches of Gold
Pussycat Doll
The Texas Tunnel
Uncle Chuck
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Del Mar, California
Family Children: Amie, Tim Pegram, Tiffany Peach
Brothers: Jim, Demont, Gil
Notable Wins 1998 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes with Real Quiet
1998 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies with Silverbulletday
1999 Kentucky Oaks with Silverbulletday
2010 Preakness Stakes with Lookin at Lucky
2013 Acorn Stakes with Midnight Lucky
2007 & 2008 Breeders’ Cup Sprint with Midnight Lute

Family Connections and Personal Life

Michael E. Pegram has strong connections in the horse racing world, which reach his immediate family members – Amie and Tim Pegram and Tiffany Peach. He is a notable figure in the industry himself, and his siblings are also involved in various aspects of horse racing. For example, his brother Jim works as a jockey agent while brothers Demont and Gil lend their expertise.

His personal life involves moving between different locations like Phoenix and Del Mar with ease, managing multiple business ventures while nurturing his deep love for horses. This balancing act showcases Pegram’s ability to blend professional responsibilities with unwavering dedication to the sport he holds dear.

In Michael E. Pegram’s life story, familial bonds intertwined with a shared passion for horses create a compelling narrative that goes beyond mere success on the racetrack. His close relationships not only reflect a legacy within horse racing but also emphasize the importance of mutual respect, trust, and admiration for these magnificent animals.

As he moves through various landscapes both geographically and professionally – from busy cities to peaceful racecourses along coastlines – Michael E. Pegram embodies versatility by pursuing multiple ambitions while staying true to core values centered around horses; this underscores his enduring commitment towards excellence in all aspects of life.

By embracing diverse experiences across locations where races resound or unfold peacefully under clear skies near tranquil shores alike; Michael E. Pegram intertwines moments steeped in tradition with innovations shaping tomorrow’s horseracing scene—a lasting impression made by someone whose heart beats rhythmically alongside each hoof striking earthy tracks worldwide.

Noteworthy Equine Partnerships

Michael E. Pegram had a special talent for creating unforgettable partnerships with racehorses, showing his keen eye for spotting racing potential. From the strong Captain Steve to the lively High Stakes Player, each team-up highlighted Pegram’s knack for identifying future champions. His collaboration with Pussycat Doll not only led to victories on the track but also won over fans with her charm and lightning-fast speed that amazed spectators.

Uncle Chuck emerged as another standout partner in Michael E. Pegram’s lineup of equine companions, showcasing once again his ability to connect with exceptional racehorses. Through smart alliances like these, Pegram solidified his reputation as a skilled owner who consistently selected horses bound for success both on and off the racetrack. These partnerships were more than just about winning races; they aimed at building legacies that would be celebrated for years to come.

With an impressive group of notable equine partners by his side, Michael E. Pegram established himself as a true visionary in horse racing circles. Each partnership represented more than mere business transactions—they embodied a deep love for horses and an unwavering dedication to excellence across all aspects of racing life. By harnessing the talents of outstanding horses like Uncle Chuck among others, he crafted a legacy that continues to inspire fans and fellow owners alike while leaving an enduring impact on the sport he cherished deeply.

Legendary Tales Surrounding a Derby Champion's Owner

  1. Michael E. Pegram, who owned the Kentucky Derby champion Real Quiet in 1998, always carries a special silver dollar with him to races for good luck. Many believe this coin brings him success and fortune on the racetrack.

  2. In 1998, under Michael E. Pegram's ownership, Real Quiet came incredibly close to winning the prestigious Triple Crown. After triumphing in both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, Real Quiet finished just second by a nose in the Belmont Stakes – narrowly missing out on claiming the coveted Triple Crown title.

  3. Michael E. Pegram's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prosperous racehorse owner is truly inspiring – starting as a truck driver before achieving success in fast-food business enabled him to realize his dream of owning and racing thoroughbred horses.

  4. Deeply passionate about horse racing, Michael E.Pegram takes a hands-on approach in managing his racing stable – often spotted at tracks closely overseeing training and care of his horses; demonstrating genuine love for the sport.

  5. Beyond excelling in horse racing,Micheal.E.Pegram is acclaimed for his philanthropyand generosity.He has actively supported various charitable causes and organizations,making remarkable impact beyond horseracing community through giving back .

Residence Locations & Lifestyle Choices

Michael E. Pegram effortlessly balances his time between the lively city of Phoenix and the peaceful shores of Del Mar, California. In Phoenix, he manages a range of businesses from fast food retail to owning casinos, showcasing his impressive entrepreneurial skills. Meanwhile, in Del Mar, he enjoys the relaxed coastal lifestyle that offers him a break from everyday hustle.

In Phoenix’s bustling streets, Michael E. Pegram is a prominent figure as he skillfully navigates through different industries with finesse and unmatched acumen. His involvement in fast food retailing highlights not just his sharp business sense but also his ability to excel in competitive markets. Owning casinos adds another dimension to his versatile personality – seamlessly blending entertainment with entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, when Michael E. Pegram escapes to Del Mar, California; it feels like the waves are whispering stories of relaxation and leisure into his ears urging him to take a momentary pause amidst life’s chaos. Embracing this coastal haven allows him valuable moments away from meetings and deals; instead providing sun-kissed beaches where tranquility meets peace.

The contrast between urban dynamism in Phoenix and seaside serenity in Del Mar mirrors Michael E. Pegram’s own duality – someone who thrives on both excitement and calmness equally well; maintaining an exquisite balance between adrenaline-fueled pursuits under city lights while seeking solace beneath starlit skies overlooking vast ocean horizons.

Ultimately, Michael E. Pegram’s decision to divide his time between these two distinct locations reflects more than just a preference for different environments but signifies deep appreciation for contrasting lifestyles—one rooted in ambition-driven progress alongside one steeped in nature-infused harmony—a man embodying versatility at its best.

Success Across Different Racing Categories

Michael E. Pegram had a successful career in horse racing that went beyond just the famous races like the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. He was skilled in many different areas of racehorse ownership, showing his versatility in the sport. One notable win was with Silverbulletday at the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies, where he proved himself in filly races as well. His talent shone through when he also won the prestigious Kentucky Oaks title, proving he could excel across various types of horse racing.

Pegram’s impressive achievements show his deep understanding and love for horse racing that goes beyond what is typical. In addition to Real Quiet’s wins at major races, he found success with Midnight Lute winning back-to-back events at Breeders’ Cup Sprint—a big deal within the industry! This range of accomplishments not only shows Pegram’s ability to spot talent but also how strategic he is when forming successful partnerships across different types of horse racing.

Over decades of hard work and dedication to excellence, Michael E. Pegram made a lasting impact on horse racing history by overcoming challenges in this fast-paced world. His skillful navigation through various terrains—from classic races like the Kentucky Derby to specialized events such as filly races—reflects his deep knowledge paired with an instinctive sense for picking winning horses and guiding them towards multiple victories on track.”

Impact on Horse Racing Community

Michael E. Pegram has made a huge impact on the horse racing world that stands out from the rest. His smart moves in buying and teaming up with others have taken the sport to new levels, proving his sharp talent-spotting skills and strong commitment to being the best.

With horses like Midnight Lute making big wins at top races such as the Breeder’s Cup Sprint, Pegram showed everyone he was a powerful force in horse racing. He consistently proved he knew exactly what it took to succeed at the highest level.

Pegram’s knack for forming winning partnerships with amazing horses like Queen of Money and Miss Gibson County says a lot about his skill in nurturing champions. These successful collaborations didn’t just bring home impressive victories but also set a high standard of excellence that echoed throughout the industry.

His influence goes way beyond single victories; Pegram’s legacy lies in how much he cares about pushing for greatness within horse racing. By sharing his love for the sport and helping young talents grow, he is shaping what lies ahead for generations involved in horse racing.

Through years of hard work, Michael E. Pegram has become an important figure within the horse racing community—a visionary whose contributions go beyond just wins or losses, leaving behind a lasting impact on an industry close to his heart.


1. How did Michael E. Pegram first become involved in the world of horse racing?

Michael E. Pegram got into horse racing because he loved the sport and thought horses were amazing. His passion led to a successful career as an owner and breeder, where he achieved great things in the industry.

2. What are some of the most notable horses that Michael E. Pegram has owned throughout his career?

Michael E. Pegram owns amazing horses like Real Quiet, who won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, and Midnight Lute, a two-time champion at the Breeders' Cup Sprint. His keen eye for talent has led to great success in the horse racing world.

3. Can you elaborate on Michael E. Pegram's success at the Kentucky Derby and other prestigious races?

Michael E. Pegram had a fantastic career in horse racing, winning big at the Kentucky Derby and other top races. His skills and love for the sport helped him triumph with horses such as Real Quiet and Midnight Lute. He is known for his knack in building strong partnerships with horses and achieving success in different racing events.

4. How has Michael E. Pegram's passion for horse racing influenced his business ventures outside of the track?

Michael E. Pegram's strong love for horse racing has not only driven his impressive achievements on the track but also sparked various successful business endeavors that showcase his deep passion for the sport.

5. What sets Michael E. Pegram apart as an owner in terms of forming successful partnerships with trainers and jockeys?

Michael E. Pegram's impressive talent for teaming up with top trainers and jockeys comes from his strong knowledge of the horse racing industry, unwavering love for the sport, and sharp eye for spotting potential stars. This has led to a string of wins and accomplishments that stand out in his career.

6. In what ways has Michael E. Pegram contributed to the broader horse racing community beyond his own achievements?

Michael E. Pegram has helped many people in the horse racing world by mentoring young horse enthusiasts, backing charitable initiatives in the industry, and working hard to ensure that the legacy of horse racing continues for years to come.